Somaliland: “We only Forgave not Forgot” Somaliwein Revanchist Reminded


Self Destructing Somalia wants the same for peaceful and developing Somaliland that only wants to help

By: Editor
Somalilandsun – Those within the Somalia Federal Government- and its administrative region of Puntland should tread carefully on issues related to Somaliland.
This warning was issued by Somalilandsun readers commenting on an article we posted pertaining to an armed incursion by Puntland in which the SFG was reminded that Somalilanders never forgot but only forgave the heinous crimes committed against them before 1991.
Contrary to belief in Mogadishu and Garowe the clean slate accorded by peace loving landers does not mean cowardice’ wrote reader Gobaad who warned of dire consequences while Boqoljireh reminded that “Garowe is only 25 kilometers from our border”
Below are comments by our readers under the pen names of Gobaab and Boqoljireh

Gobaad 2015-06-09 03:43
We forgave you for the heinous crimes you committed against Somalilanders and gave you guys a clean slate page to be part of the nation building, and you stupidly took that as weakness from Somalilanders, always brandishing weapons yet again in our face to claim parts of our land.
Just try that and see what happens … you are certainly no match for 35,ooo angry Somaliland army forces and this time it will be a pay back, big time and you have no one to blame but yourselves! We are a nation of peace … laakiin, si fiican baannu idiin garaaci doonaa!

Boqoljireh 2015-06-09 15:01
Garoowe is only 25 kilometers from our border, and it will not take us to capture the crazy and his family more than an hour. That is 0e and let him start that stupid action.
Majeerteen other than Musdambeedka, should know their President is crazy and mentally ill as confirmed by his doctors. If you allow him to take stupid action the puntland will be engulfed by fire, and no one will be spared – from Bosaso to Garowe.
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