Somaliland: We Must Align Our Position as Per Priority



Somalilandsun – People may not know nor understand that yesterday’s declaration sounded by the Kenyan people was a resounding victory for Africans and Africanism in particular.

In other words what Kenyans put forward hence prioritized is their interests and those of her people. They believed that Kenya came first and every thing else come second.

Of course they were (and are) right.

We congratulate them for their victory, a victory well deserved for a country that was (is) bedridden with assorted foreign hands trying to manipulate them perpetually.

For those privy to the innings of the Kenyan people and mind, this was the people’s victory, thanks to 37 years of Moi’s patronization.

With all hypes, with all hullabaloos and with all the drumbeats that filled the Kenyan political aura, the truth that starks out clearly there (and beyond its borders) is that those playing the tunes of cries of hues are not the Kenyan people; but those of the outsiders.

Surely for those with insight knowledge of Kenya, her people and her history in depth will concur with us that the problems that occurred in that country five years ago were caused by those same outsiders who stirred troubles and are now, unhappy that all is well today! Sample this scenario for instance;

1. Underdogs accept defeat boldly,

2. The electoral body announces winner,

3. The front-runner (prior to elections) refuses to accept defeat and declares to fight it out in court.

4. The winner makes a pragmatic speech, extends a leaf of togetherness to all and asks foreigners to respect the wish of the people, the people themselves, and their sovereignty;

AND then, even with the above background known to all,

5. The western powers and their powerful media decide to go AGAINST all legal and diplomatic protocols and decide that the winner is not the new Kenyan President-Elect but indeed a “Presumptive” President-Elect!

They did not even at the very least issue the short congratulatory statements as per normal international etiquettes.

Thus all clarifications needed to vilify colonial minds with their secret neo-colonialism agenda.

We believe Africans in Africa will see the light and re-align their priorities.

If they don’t, they would all perish as they all along did; in the dark alleys of poverty.

To call a whole, legally, and democratically elected state CEO a Presumptive President – Elect speaks a lot of the malice as depicted by (or comes from the mouth of) western imperialists.

The Kenyan factor today should vex us to search our souls and re-examine our positions as to where we as Somalilanders stand today.

We should see to it that we not only follow and adhere to priorities of Somaliland for Somalilanders but we must put SL and her peoples first hence everything else should come second.

When we think of a policy, formulate it, legalize and establish it, we should think of SL, her people, her aspirations and her objectives at the primary level. Everything else should be secondary, such as the region, continent or larger, world.

As we congratulate the East African nation in their 11th election since independence, we ask our fellow patriots to;

Think SL,

Breath SL,

Drink SL,

Buy SL,

Build SL and,

Reflect SL by being REAL Somalilanders.

The writer M.A.Egge is the editor of the English language weekly newspaper “The Horn Tribune” published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan media group