Somaliland: “We have no Time for Mogadishu’s Empty Rhetoric” says Muse Behi


As the ruling party chief and presidential candidate articulates strategic plans towards a nationwide road network
Stop interfering with Somaliland Kulmiye party chief Muse Behi tells Somalia

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- The Government and people of Somaliland are busily engaged in their self sponsored multi-escorted Development that require support rather than condemnation.
This was stated by leader of ruling Kulmiye party Muse Behi Abdi during a public address in Dila town of Awdal region after president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo had officially commissioned the new asphalt road linking Borame and Hargeisa towns via Dila and Kalabyd
“For the 30 years we were in union with Somalia the government in Mogadishu saw it fit never to construct the short 21kms strip of road linking Dila to Borame” said the party leader
In a discernible rejoinder to regular interferences on Somaliland’s internal issues by the Somalia federal government Muse Behi who is also his party’s candidate for the Somaliland presidency in early 2017, urged the Mogadishu based authorities to concentrate on their many constraints as a nation and rather than castigation they should take a leaf from the locally brewed reconciliatory measures instituted by Somalilanders thence peace and security.
On the ongoing upgrading and enhancement of the country’s road network, the Kulmiye party chief revealed that a carefully planned strategic policy by the administration of president Silanyo aspires to blanket connection of the entire country from Sayla in the west to Las Qoray in the east.
“The 375 Kms asphalt road linking the agricultural productive eastern town of Erigavo to the rest of the country via Burao under construction by the government was just a test” said Behi adding that the Government has so far proven its capabilities to undertake major constructions without external support.
In his most discernible political speech yet, Muse Behi articulated the strategies being instituted by the administration this see to it that the entire country is not only connected but livelihoods enhanced through ease of movement, both commuter and commercial.
Said he, “The Government shall soon start of a road network that shall connect the entire coastline of Somaliland that is from Las Qoray to Sayla via Mayd, Hiis, Berbera, Bulahar and Lugahaya”
According to the ruling party chief the proposed road linking the coasts Shall all be asphalted and constructed by firms of repute be it local or foreign based which shall be contracted through the normal bidding process by the national tender board.
Elders follow proceedings at the road commissioning functionOn the political front the agitation by Legislators representing Awdal region in the Somaliland parliament for a revision of the current distribution of the 82 seats I. The August house was noted and termed as justified.
While acknowledging the concerns raised by Legislators from Awdal as per the equitable distribution of Parliamentary seats on regional basis, which he termed as justified Musa Behi urged patience as the relevant mechanisms are put in place to rectify any anomalies within a relevant timeframe.
Returning to the issue of the multi-sectored national development driven by the sheer perseverance of the citizenry d void of external support courtesy of the denied recognition of their country’s sovereignty internationally, the ruling party chief and aspiring president urged respect from some next touring countries, read Somalia.
“Why would Somaliland be pushed and shoved towards participating in the political process of a Neighbouring and sovereign country “ wondered Behi in reference to the inclusion of representatives from His yet to be recognized country in the ongoing arrangements to hold elections in Somalia later this year.
Recently the Somalia national leadership forum sitting in Mogadishu to plan for the proposed presidential and parliamentary elections later in The year issued a communique in which Somaliland representation was made part and parcel of the entire process.
Muse Behi who served the Somalia national army as a colonel later turned SNM rebel commander where his exploits against the Government of Siyad Barre are legendary could not hide his consternation with the authorities in Mogadishu where undermining the very being of Somaliland is discernibly the main strategy.
Stating that Somaliland has held several very successful local council, Parliamentary and presidential elections without involving any of its neighbors, the former colonel wondered why Somalia sees it fit to include Somaliland in its democratization process.
“While we as Somali speakers and intent on good neighborliness wish our brothers and sisters in Somalia an end to their over two decades political and security difficulties that have ensued with massive loss of life, displacement and poverty, we urge Mogadishu to reciprocate in kind more so by keeping out of our internal affairs.
In conclusion the Ruling Kulmiye party leader and presidential nominee Muse Behi Abdi said Somaliland shall not be cowered into relinquishing its sovereignty which is not only non-negotiable but irrevocable as well, either by noises in international forums or by coercion into Neighbouring countries democratization processes.
Muse Behi is both Kulmiye party leader and its presidential candidate in the Somaliland elections of 2017In concluding his address at the road commissioning function Ex Colonel amuse Abdi Behi warned “Stop adding salt to injury for the pain might at the end induce Somalilanders to acts that might might impinge negatively on peace and security in the Horn Africa region and beyond “