Somaliland: “We Have Confidence in Benefits of an UAE Military Base”-State


As presidency minister says that the UAE base entails also investment and other interests to the nation while divulging purpose of government delegation to Ethiopia

From top Left Somaliland delegation to Ethiopia Interior minister Prof Faraton FM Saad Ali Kulmiye party chief Muse Behi and presidency minister Mahmoud Abdi

By:Guled Abdi Mahir
Somalilandsun- If the United Arab Emirates is allowed to establish a military base in Berbera it shall not only enhance Somaliland economically and diplomatically but will pose no threat to any country.
This was stated by the presidency minister Mahmoud Abdi Hashi during a media briefing in which he also revealed purpose an official visit to Ethiopia by a government and ruling party Kulmiye delegation that includes himself, foreign minister Dr Saad Ali Shire , interior minister Prof Yasin Hiir Faraton and Muse Behi Abdi respectively.
Mr. Mahmud said “We believe finding investors to put their cash in the country is the only way to move forward and develop Somaliland. I also think we need political and development friends around the world”
Adding that “When we find these friends rhat’s when we can see investment trickling into the country, but if we continue standing alone without making new friends around the globe our sovereignty won’t stand firm. The people voted president Silanyo and his deputy Sayli’I and the cabinet works to implement his philosophy.”
The presidency minister rebuked idlers sitting in tea shops criticizing the government adding they have no development agenda for the country and should not waste their time inciting citizens.”These people are anti development and hate the country to host investors”
He went on to say that God will not hold them accountable but those who have been elected by the people of Somaliland .
“We made a good decision when we leased Berbera International Port to DP world all legal channels were completed in our pursuit of a beneficial deal for Somaliland people.This project will help us rebuild our port and the military camp which the UAE government wants to establish in Berbera is another important deal which will benefit our country. In this world we have only two side of a coin something good or bad so after a lot of soul-searching we got the best deal for our country development and resilience.”
Mr.Hashi reminisced that the Berbera Airport used to be a Russian military hangar which they had build using their expertise but after they left all the infrastructure they constructed they left it there they did not carry it back to Moscow.
“We all know the those who gave the Russians and American the Military Base erred in those days but this does not hamper us from giving any of our allies a military base it happens all over the world so it is not a new phenomena. Sadly whatever we inherited from the Russians we know those people who sold and benefited through dubious means but today have nothing to show of it.”
The presidency minister added that Military Bases are leased by many countries around the globe but most importantly is that the interest of both countries should balance the equilibrium. All our deals are transparent and have been signed in a professional manner .
“So who should the executive table the deal? Is it the idlers wasting their time chewing Khat on ‘the walls of tears’

or the legislature which was elected by the people?” Mr.Hashi inquired.
He stated that they are going to put the deal in front of those the constitution mandated to check the balances the Senate and the Parliament.
The presidential mansion minister further said that the government has confidence in all her under takings because we bring all our deal out in the open so that the public are aware about their government working towards their interest.
“I remember when once upon time when I was a member of parliament we used to beg the government of the day to bring to us the deals they sign with foreigners but that is not the case today the government led by president Silanyo which I’m a minister tables all projects in parliament we forwarded the DP World deal in the house if they accent the deal continues if they reject the deal is cancelled but we shall not listen to idlers making noise in town threatening that the deal is null and void.” Mr. Hashi reiterated.
“The UAE government should know that Somaliland government is democratic and not ruled by a king so whatever we agree bilaterally be it a military base or anything else the legislature of the country decides and its decision is final the president of Somaliland is an elected official who is controlled by two houses the lower and the upper so whatever they rubber stamp is respected.”
The minister reprimanded the opposition National Party (Wadani) to stop cheap propaganda and come forward to consult the government if they smell a rat instead of inciting citizen with lies. He told them to come and meet the president and inquire about the Military Base deal and the DP World or any other project they feel they want to know and they are ready to give them full information because they have nothing to hide. “Those unscrupulous people loitering with lies in downtown have nothing worthwhile to offer Somalilanders other than sow discord through unwarranted gossips.”
“The UAE Military base has four benefit to Somaliland it will improve the country security and their is no cause for alarm because the base will help in protection of our territorial waters, train our military and coastguards and our national security will improve as a result.” Stated the presidency minister.
He refuted claims that the UAE Military Base is a conduit for Egyptian Military vehemently denying this as pure lies the presidency minister confirmed that this deal is between Somaliland and UAE and added that there is nowhere in the world the Emirates military and the Egyptians are working together even in Yemen where the Saudi led coalition is working they are not working together.”
“The government is aware of what is good for this nation so those ignorant people moving around with lies that the UAE military Base is a cover for the Egyptians do not know what they are talking about and have other motives this is because the government know better about the importance of this deal and idlers should not waste their time with false allegation that this is a ploy to plant Egypt to anger Ethiopia this is pure malice. Somaliland and Ethiopia share a very cordial relationship further more the country stand to benefit from a multitude of projects that the UAE government will initiate for the past 25 year we have not seen any big project in this respect the construction of the Berbera/Wajale road will cost 160 million dollars.”
The UAE government will also help in the energy, ,education and health development of Somaliland all this comes because of our country friendship with other countries and our neighbours.
” Those liars from the opposition who claim that the UAE military base will cover 70 kilometres square have nothing to tell people we agreed that they will lease part of the airport don’t these people fear God?” He pondered.
On the possibilities of the planned UAE military base embroidering Somaliland in the ongoing conflict where the Emirati nation which is part of the Saudi led coalition waging war in Yemen, minister Hashi refereed to assertions by presiident Silanyo to the effect that this country had no favourites while its relations with Yemen remain firm