Somaliland: “We Fully Support Execution of Convicted Murderers” Guurti


As the Elders in Somaliland’s upper chamber of parliament castigate external interferences in the implementation of Constitutional stipulations while urging for more executions
Guurti Elders vote in favour of continued executions of Murderers in Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government of Somaliland has the mandate to fulfill court imposed death sentences
This was the unanimous agreement by Elders of the Somaliland upper chamber of parliament during a session in which the house also castigated some international bodies that condemned the recent executions in the country.
“The government has our full backing and support towards fulfillment of any death sentence imposed by courts on persons convicted of murder.
Briefing the media after at the house premises deputy Guurti chairman Elder Saeed Jama Ali said that Death sentence and fulfillment is legal as per the constitution of Somaliland.
On the issue of some foreign entities condemning the government for the recent execution of six convicted murderers Elder Saeed Jama said that external forces should not interfere in the country’s internal affairs specially that those legal in nature.
Somaliland Guurti deputy chair Saeed J AliThe elders further urged the government to ensure that all pending death sentences are undertaken especially those that families of the culprit and victim are in accord.
The elders were reacting to the condemnation directed against the government of Somaliland by the European Union after six convicted murderers were executed at Mandera maximum security prison.
The EU condemnation of the executions that were wholly supported by citizens also saw the government react with a countering statement released by the Ministry of Justice in Hargiesa and thinly veiled as justification of the executions
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