Somaliland: “We are Ready for Talks with Hargeisa but Never Garowe”-Galayd


Warlord Ali Khalif Galayd says time is ripe for his Khatumo secession to reconcile with Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – There are no talks ongoing between us, Khatumoists, and Somaliland”
This was stated by Prof Ali Khalif Galayd during an interview with VOA in Washington where he also revealed that the Khatumoist secessionists he leads are open for realistic discussions with Authorities in Hargeisa.
Prof Galayd who is the chief warlord of Dhulbahante clan secessionists intent on curving a state dubbed Khatumo from within Somaliland boundaries further stated that negotiations with Puntland authorities is out of the question.
Warlord Galayd who is back in the US after he was deported by Ethiopia has been engaged with skirmishes with Somaliland forces in a bid to establish the purported Khatumo state since 2012 but to no vain.
“Currently we are not in talks with Somaliland authorities but we are ready and willing to engage Hargeisa as a prelude to peaceful reconciliation” said Galayd
According to the American citizen warlord the Khatumoists who originally received backing from former Puntland Strongman Abdirahman Farole are neither willing nor ready for any parley with President Abdiweli Gas in Garowe.
“How can you negotiate with a regional president who claims 90% administrative control over our people, read Dhulbahante clan” quipped the Warlord Professor
On the issue of ongoing conflict between President Hasan of Somalia and Prime minister Abdiweli Sheikh in Mogadishu the Sool region Warlord said the PM should be given lee way to perform.

The two Somalia Federal Government-SFG top honchos are currently engulfed in a dispute emanating from difficulties created by the Mogadishu constitution that gives both executive powers.
Prof Galayd who added that his advice to president Hasan does not mean support for PM Abdiweli resigned recently as Member of the SFG parliament where a motion to impeach the PM has been tabled.
The reconciliatory stance depicted by Warlord Galayd is directly related to his deportation from Ethiopia under requests by Somaliland that saw him, Galayd, return to the US where he holds citizenship and expected to face wrath of the law for involvement in terrorism in Somaliland a non US state in the Horn of Africa.