Somaliland: We are not privy to Judges Grievances says the justice commission chair.


Somaliland Chairman of Justice

By: Osman A.M. Hargeisa

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) – Chief Justice and the chairman of justice commission Hon. Yussuf Ismail Ali has finally broke the silence and declared that he is not privy to any complaint made by judicial officers on Executive interference in discharge of their duties adding that Somaliland’s judiciary is 100% independent devoid of interference from any authority or institution whatsoever.

The Chief Justice praised President Silanyo for the sheer determination and the bold initiative of promising that a stern action shall be taken against any cabinet member seen to be interfering with judicial responsibility once the justice commission concludes its investigations.

The Chief Justice together with some members of Justice Commission were being interviewed by the state owned television SLTV and when asked of the nature of complaints raised by the Judges of Marodi Jeeh region he had to say this, let me be clear on the grievances raised by members of the bench from Hargeisa region concerning complains of Executive interference in their duties. The people that are sitting here with me are members of justice commission and they are not aware of any complains lodged at the commission but as the president has promised a stern action will be taken against anyone interfering with effective functions of due process or curtailing the smooth operations of wheels of justice.

The chairman of justice commission also promised that the president has promised him to act on the matter once the allegations are proved to have undermined judicial authority.