Somaliland: “We are not Engaged in Covert Talks with Somalia” Information Minister

Somaliland information minister Suleiman Ali Kore

Somalilandsun:  The government and people of Somaliland can only enter into discussions and negotiations with Somalia only at an international forum/

This was stated by the Somaliland minister of information, culture and national guidance Suleiman Ali Kore during an interview with the BBC Somalia service.

The sentiments by minister Kore who also doubles as the government spokesperson were in reaction to recent reports being circulated by a section of media houses purporting that there are ongoing secret talks between administration of president Muse Bihi and that of the Federal Government of Somalia in Mogadishu.

Said he, “We are not engaged in either covert or overt talks with Somalia” adding that the international sanctioned talks between the two countries have stalled because authorities in Mogadishu have either broken or refused to implement all agreements reached.

Somaliland and Somalia sign an agreement at a past meeting in Ankara Turkey

While accusing Somalia of continued pursuit of creating disharmony in Somaliland minister Kore was categorical that this ploy has and will continue to fail because the citizens of Somaliland are committed nationalists thus steadfast in their determination for sovereignty despite lack of international recognition.

According to the information minister “The authorities in Mogadishu are trying to incite our citizens through some rogue media outlets especially as pertains planned elections in the neighbouring country but all in vain as Somaliland is a sovereign country thus has nothing apart good wishes for elections in Somalia.

Internationally sanctioned talks between  Somaliland and Somalia that were initiated in London in 2012 with subsequent meets hosted by Turkey have failed to resume after Somaliland accused Somalia of renegading on each and every agreements reached in the five phases and demanding the presence of international observers as condition for resumption.

Ethiopian Premiere Abiy Ahmed pursues Somaliland Somalia Reconciliation

Currently the prime minister of Ethiopia Dr Abiy Ahmed is intensively pursuing facilitation of the stalled talk’s resumption having hosted as first face to face meeting between President Muse Bihi of Somaliland and his Somalia counterpart in Addis Ababa earlier in the year.