Somaliland: “Watch out for Staunch Khatumoist Masquerading in Hargeisa as Clan Emissary” Taleeh Mayor Warns Government


Mayor Shauur

As an SFG angered by Sheffield city council reciprocates by covertly conveying plane loads of both sworn enemies and weapons deep into Somaliland territories

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A man sworn opponent of the sovereignty of Somaliland and committed to Unionism is circulating government offices in the guise of an emissary from Taleeh Elders in Sool Region of the country.

This was revealed by the mayor of Taleeh local council Jama Isse Shau’ur who identified the purported traitor as one Mahmud Jama Ismail ‘Ilwein’ a former appointee to the mayorship of Taleeh under the government of late President Ibrahim Egal in the late 1990’s.

“Ilwein has just returned from Garowe where he resided for several years as a guest of the Government of the Somalia administrative region Puntland where he absconded with all assets including council cash and car subsequently sold” said Mayor Shau’ur who is on an official visit to Hargeisa.

In his warning the youthful mayor of the Secessionists infected town of Taleeh said that Ilwein is making the rounds of Hargeisa based senior officials pretending to be an emissary of clan leader from Taleeh intent on recanting their allegiance to a purported Khatumo state to have been hived off from parts of Sool region of somaliland and headquartered in Taleeh.

Said he, “Ilwein is a committed Khatumoists who is in the somaliland capital masquerading as a reborn nationalist while his real motive is to hoodwink the authorities into the mistaken assumption that all is well in Taleeh while in actual machinations are in planning to hold the third Khatumo conference in Taleeh under sponsorship of the Somali Federal Government-SFG in Mogadishu.

Meanwhile and in justifying Mayor Shau’ur’s warning that Ilwein is hoodwinking the Somaliland authorities the SFG has been busy in the last couple of days transporting planeloads of weaponry and politicians under the pay opposed to the sovereignty of Somaliland.

First was a planeload originating from Mogadishu that dislodged in Buhodle a group of misfits among them the purported president of Khatumo state Mohamed Jama Indhosheel and a number of MPs rom he Mogadishu based Somali parliament originally from Sool region of somaliland.

The anti-somaliland unionists had been in the Somali capital for meetings with Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed who upon several meetings managed to convince the Indhosheel led team to accept the financial and weaponry support of the SFG.

Somali PM Abdiweli (Baldheaded) pose with Khatumoist secessionust after a recent meeting in mogadishu

A Second and heavily laden plane is reported to have landed at the Taleeh airstrip where it dislodged another team of Secessionists said to be the Khatumo III conference organizing committee and a large consignment of weaponry from Mogadishu.

Though authorities in Hargeisa through the minister of Interior Mohamed Ali Waran’ade and others had warned would be violators of the country’s statehood to expect the worst from Somaliland, not to mention that Hargeisa was busily fulfilling part of Istanbul II by allowing SFG officials to utilize the services of Berbera and Egal international airports, Mogadishu remained or pretended to be oblivious.

While SFG President Hasan Sheikh has not hidden his mission of returning Somaliland to union with the terrorists infested Somalia-Italia this is the first for Mogadishu to make any overt and direct incursions into Somaliland.

According to sources President Hasan incensed by the unanimous vote by Sheffield city council to recognize the sovereignty of somaliland and in disregard to ongoing intentionally sanctioned talks between the two countries, ordered his Prime minister and other underlings to embark on disruptive activities thence the attempt to resuscitate the dead khatumoism as a vehicle of discrediting somaliland in the eyes of the international community.

In furtherance to the attempt to revive the dead Khatumo state President Hasan upon information that Kenya was in the final stages of opening a consular office in Hargeisa rushed to Nairobi where he managed to persuade Kenyan authorities to shelve the plan in exchange for supporting the crackdown on Somalis who had then been heralded like goats into screening centers and some forceful deported.

After being rounded up by kenyan police Somali citizens in Nairobi are caged like animals with the approval of president hasan

Insiders inform that the covert anti-somaliland mechanisms of president Hasan and his in Mogadishu control only SFG are also attributed to the failure of his other underling based in Puntland Abdiweli Gas whose verbosity pertaining to the forceful annexation of Eastern parts of Sanaag and entire Sool regions ostensibly because they are predominantly inhabited by sub-clans from his (Gas) Harti/Darood clan.

The Gas bluff came to naught after the Somaliland authorities deployed heavily armed troops to areas within striking distance of both Bosaso and Garowe in Puntland followed by announcement of intent to capture not only any politician or government official from Puntland but Gas himself upon entering any area under the jurisdictional authority of Somaliland.

Somali President Hasan (2nd L) and Somaliland president Silanyo (2nd R) together with Turkish officials witness the signing of Istanbul I ageements in Turkey

Now with the direct and covert involvement of the SFG the situation is back to tense which coupled with warnings from Hargeisa authorities who have the full support of entire Somaliland citizenry to take decisive action thus conclude the never ending tribulations related to territory, anything is possible.

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