Somaliland: Warlord Galayd Forms a Hargeisa Bargaining Chip Cabinet


Warlord Galayd at the Khatumo presidency somewhere deep inside Ethiopias zone 5 region

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – The leader of the Khatumoist secession movement Warlord Ali Khalif Galayd has appointed an eight member cabinet.
Announced from his hide out somewhere in the zone 5 Somalia regional administration of Ethiopia the warlord from America also warned the Somaliland government of more bloodshed to come.
Warlord Galayd has been hiding in the zone 5 since the Somaliland army disrupted his purported anointment as Khatumo state president and kicked him out of SaahDheer town in Sool region
According to the warlord Galayd appointee to man a purported ministry of minerals and water Mukhtar Isse Farah the announcement of his inclusion in the Khatumo government came as a shock having not been appraised in advance.
“The news of my ministerial appointment garnered from the media was not only surprising but perplexing” Mukhtar told Somalilandsun in a telephone interview in which he declined to reveal acceptance or rejection of the ministerial post of the mythical Khatumo state of Somalia.
Meanwhile sources indicate that the anger among staunch Khatumoist related to the manner in which Warlord Galayd absconded his flock is brewing more difficulties with a faction aligned to Indhosheel agitating for his assumption of a Secession authority.
At the same time Colonel Mohamed Jama Yusuf “Indhosheel” has termed the Warlord Galayd cabinet as a bargaining chip with the government of Somaliland “We are aware of his secret negotiations with Somaliland authorities” said Indhosheel while urging the Warlord from America to not only come out from hiding but consult his colleagues on the progress of his clemency talks with Hargeisa based officials and in lieu risk losing his leadership position as top mischief maker in Somaliland.

L-R Warlord Indosheel says American Warlord Galayd is a coward thence replaced
The Indosheel’s faction reaction against their in-hiding warlord comes in the heels of similar sentiments by Elders from Sool region who asked Galayd to pursue avenues of expressing his grievances in a peaceful manner.
The elders who released a statement after meeting in Buhoodle also warned the Warlord from America that if he does not pursue peaceful reconciliation, he should neither expect an iota of their support nor will they allow him to lead Dhulbahante youths to senseless deaths.
While Warlord Galayd is for now ensconced in his zone 5 hideout, his contained presence there is doubtful following a protest to the Ethiopian government by Somaliland.
Warlord Galayd in Hiding Cartoon courtesy of Oodweynenews