Somaliland: Waran’ade Turns Diplomat as Horhor is Fired


in a reshuffle that affects the cabinet, armed forces , regional administration and parastatals

Waranade leaves the cabinet to the diplomatic corps as the Somalilamnd envoy to Ethiopia

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Several new faces have joined the government in senior positions with other prominent ones getting the axe.
This follows a major reshuffle by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo that has seen new General’s assume command of various branches of the armed forces, senior cabinet ministers transferred while others relinquish ministerial posts for other duties.
According the immediate past interior minister Mohamed Ali Waran’ade has been named the country’ diplomatic envoy to Ethiopia while his commerce and investment colleague Eng Hussein Aden Egge ‘Hussien Deyr’ returns to the presidency as spokesperson.
According to a press statement released from the presidency in Hargeisa late Sunday night, the head of state acting on powers conferee his office by article 90 section 2, 3 of the constitution as well as in liue of the imperatives of a smooth running administration and having been satisfied by their abilities to undertake public service hereby announces the following appointments, transfers and removal of senior Government officials which take place with immediate effect
 Eng Hussein Aden Egge Deyr leaves commerce mins try portfolio and returns to the presidency as spokesperson 1. Cabinet
i. Farhan Adan Haybe to be the minister of aviation and air transport
ii. Omar Shuaib Mohamed, minister of co mercy and investment
iii. Mahmud Sh Abdilahi Egge, minister of Posts and Telecommunications
iv. Yassin Mahmud Hiir ‘ Fartoon’, minister of internal Affairs (new)
v. Omar Sh Mohamed Farah, minister of Labour and Social services (transfer)
vi. Yusuf Osman Garas, deputy minister of Industry (transfer)
vii. Ahmed Nuur Aw Abdi Shair, deputy education minister
viii. Ali Ahmed Mohamed ‘Degoole’, deputy finance minister
ix. Mohamed Mihile Bogore, state minister for foreign affairs
x. Mahmud Jama Adan Galaal, state minister for health
xi. Osman Hasan aw Ali, state minister for planning and national coordination
xii. Mohamed Ahmed Aden, state minister for information, culture and guidance
xiii. Guleid Mohamed Shire, deputy minister civil aviation and air transport
xiv. Yusuf Ahmed Farah ‘Aflahaar’, deputy justice minister
xv. Abdiweli Abdiqadir Abdirahman, state minister for Agriculture.
2. Director General
i. Fuad Abdi Salaan, DG ministry of fisheries and coastal Development
ii. Mohamed Ahmed Hasan, DG National Tender Board
iii. Amb Abdifatah Saeed Ahmed Guleid, DG interior ministry – in charge of local governments
iv. Abdi Ali Jama, DG education ministry
v. Abdirahman Ahmed Ali ‘ Abdi Shakabe’ DG industry ministry
vi. Hasan Nuur Abokor ‘Hasan Jebiye’, DG interior ministry in charge of security

Major General Tani returns as somaliland armed forces chief of staff

3. Armed Forces
i. Major General Nuuh Ismail Tani, Chief of staff
ii. Brigadier General Abdi Hirsi Duale, commander Coast Guards
iii. Brigadier General Mohamed Osman Alin ‘Dayib’ Principal Immigration Officer
iv. Brigadier Suleiman Barre Hasan, Deputy Army commander
4. Regional Administration
i. Mahmud Ismail Elmi ‘Deeq’, Governor Mariodi-jeer region
ii. Mahmud Ali Suleiman ‘Ramaah’, Governor Sool region
iii. Mustache Abdi Isse ‘Shiine’ , Governor Awdal region
5. Presidential Advisors
i. Abdirahman Sh Elmi Fahiye, legal advisor
ii. Mahmud Ali Jiinyare, Advisor on Eastern regions affairs at the ministry of interior
Governor Shine moves from Sool to Awdal region
iv. Adan Nugaal Hasan, Advisor on financial and budget
6. Diplomatic Corps
i. Ali Mohamed Waran’ade, Ambassador to Ethiopia
ii. Mohamed Ismail Hussein Ambassador to Australia
iii. Adan Muse Jibrik Ambassador to the African Union
7. Presidency
Eng Hussein Adan Egge, ‘Hussein Deyr Presidential spokesperson
8. Parastatals
i. Abdisamad Omar Maal, Solicitor General
ii. Sharif Abokor Mohamed ‘Duuhyare’ Chairman National Tender Board
iii. Sharmarke Mohamed Geele, Chairman civil service commission
iv. Ahmed Yusuf Diri, Manager Berbera Ports Authority
v. Abdi Abdilahi Hasan Mataan, deputy manager Berbera ports authority
vi. Abib Ahmed Ali, Executive Director National AIDS Commission-SOLNAC
9. Fired
Again guided by powers conferred on his office by article 90 section 3 of the somaliland constitution president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo has relieved a number of senior public officials from office

Yusuf Garaas from youth and sports ministry to industryi. Former minister for Easter regions, Ali Mahmud Ahmed ‘Ah,Ed Sandule
ii. Former state minister for foreign affairs Dr Mohamed Rashid Sh Hasan
iii. Former Forces commander, Major General Ismail Mohamed Osman ‘ Shakale’
iv. Former manager Berbera ports Authority, Ali Omar Horhor
v. Deputy manager Berbera Ports Authority Omar Abokor Jama
vi. Former DG National tender board Mohamed Abdi Bulale and
vii. Former DG ministry of fisheries, Jama Mohamed Odowaa