Somaliland: Waran’ade Commends Populace, Advises Media Fraternity


Minister Ali Mohammed Waranade In an open air press conference at the compounds of his interior ministry headquarters in Hargeisa Somaliland2

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun – The Minister of Interior Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran-adde has hailed the populace countrywide and at the same time thanked them for being patriotically steadfast and peace-loving.
In an open air press conference he made yesterday at the compounds of the interior headquarters, the minister commended the members of the public, gave pastoral advices to the media industry and called for the fourth estate to work jointly with the government for the good of the people.
Over the past fortnight uncalled for outbursts tailored to stir violent public emotions by politicians were blown out of proportions and went unheeded by the members of the public.
“I call upon you (the media) today to send thankful and congratulatory messages to the members of the public by commending them profoundly”, said Hon. Waran-adde.
“Following voluble rhetoric and virulent languages aided by the press that threatened to breach stability in recent times, the conduct of the members of the public was quite honourable”, he said.
He particularly pointed out how he was heartened by the populous rejoinders blurted out by the populace to the opposite.
“I was heartened by the words of wisdom from the main public stream who retorted back saying that they were for peace”, said the minister.
He reminded the nation that peace and stability was the number one highway to livelihood to which all other roads joined.
“Without peace and stability life cannot be borne anyhow nor can there be any progress whatsoever”. He asked the media fraternity and industry to make good use of their profession as per etiquettes.
He advised them to stick to ethics and shun everything to the contrary.
He called upon the media to work towards national progress, and closely with the state, such that progress as per polices may be achieved and the nation become industrious.
“As the person in charge of security I abhor anything that creates despondence,” said the minister.
“It is for us to endear ourselves to the members of the public and so is the press”, he said.
He said that the recent history of the country has depicted that the public community were always the ones who were at the forefront in/of conducting themselves harmoniously and dealing with issues aptly and with wisdom whenever and wherever precarious situations popped.
He called for the media industry to follow cue and shun anything that can stir public disorder, and be as patriotic as passionately possible.