Somaliland: Waran-adde Consults the Family of the Senior Police Officer in Haji Salah


Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran-addeBy: A.A.J.

Odweine: (Somaliland) – Few days ago clashes erupted between two communities who live in the Haji Salah center at Dadmaredh region.

The clashes which has caused a loose of lives and injured others in Haji Salah center and also an known gunmen has killed police in charge of Haji Salah center.

Traditional elders and the government officials have mediate both sides which the situation came back have to normal. The minister of internal Hon. Ali Mohamed Warancade accompany with the minster of environment and for the development of rural area Hon. Shukri Ismail Harir arrived Haji Salah center the two ministers told the community in Haji Salah to preserve the security of the area.

During their visit to Haji Salah center the minister of internal Hon. Ali Mohamed Warancade visited the family and relatives of the late police in charge of Haji Salah police station to pass his condolence in their sad moment of the death of the police officer.

Internal minister Hon. Ali Mohamed Warancade said security personnel is stressing for the gunmen who killed this officer.