Somaliland: Warabe Belch Declares Hargeisa as a Personal Turf


Feisal Ali Warabe belches again“Hargeisa Belongs to Us and Us Only”-Feisal Ali Warabe

By: Yumoha Pasha

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A new Warabe belch infers that Hargeisa city belongs to a few.

The Chairman of UCID the main opposition Political party Eng Feisal Ali Warabe has asked party supporters to vote for candidates from UCID, Kulmiye and Haqsoor parties only during the forthcoming local council elections.

In a campaign address to party supporters Engineer Feisal said that a lot of citizens from Eastern regions of the country are candidate’s local council candidates in Hargeisa thus an infringement.


According to Ogaal newspaper,the politician who urged his supporters not to vote for this encroachers said, that Hargeisa belongs to “US” and those born in other areas should not be voted into the local council.

“We are not candidates in the councils of Burao and Erigavo therefore candidates from those areas should move back to their regions” Belched the Engineer

While Warabe belches are a common thing this one beats all since it claims Hargeisa as the turf of a few as opposed to the country’s capital city and seat of power.

At the same time this new Warabe BELCH goes against democratic norms as it apportions the local council composition only candidates from the three parties of his choice (UCID, Kulmiye & Haqsoor) less Easterners.

On the other hand it appears to be a Jamal Ali Hussein (UCID presidential candidate) political assassination gimmick since the UCID party is campaigning for local council elections in the Eastern regions where the youthful politician (Jamal Ali) must garner 20% of the popular vote thus enhance his chances of having the party registered.

As much as we at Somalilandsun respect Eng Feisal Ali Warabe for his participation in making Somaliland a state many envy, we ask him to remember that he is a national leader who ought to think nationally as opposed to regionally.

Similarly he should restrain his vote solicitation campaigns to his UCID party and let citizens utilize their democratic rights as they deem fit not only in Hargeisa but elsewhere in the country as well.

Finally every Somalilanders has a right to hold office in the Hargeisa municipality owing to the fact that HARGEISA is the capital city of the Republic of Somaliland thus not the preserve of a few but that of the entire populace regardless of where they born.