Somaliland: Wadani Pledges to Eliminate Tribalism


As Somaliland opposition party senior member Hirsi Haji Ali says the party will increase national GDP to $2b if elected this December
Somaliland opposition party senior member Hirsi Haji Ali

By: Yasmeen Hassan
Somalilandsun -Wadani Party delegates to Europe met with their supporters and Somaliland Diaspora to discuss the impact of drought, development projects and the recognition of Somaliland. These delegates included Abdirahman Mohammed Abdillah( Iro), Hirsi Haji, Fatima Saeed, Usman Omer (Dool),Jamila Mahamed, Abdirahman ( Hoog) and Adam Ahmed Elmi
Iro, presidential candidate of Waddani Party, highlighted the mission of his party isto eradicate tribalism and unite Somaliland people. He send message to the government and NEC, to allocate the budget for NEC ,provide security during election time and for the NEC, to hold the election on time.
On the other hand, Hirsi leader of the Waddani Party, focused on improving the agriculture, water conservation and food security in order to increase production of local foods as one of the vital goals of Waddani Party.
Somaliland opposition party leaders touring EuropeAccording to Hirsi, Waddani Party will increase Somaliland’s GDP to $2.5 billion in the next five years, if they win the upcoming election.