Somaliland: Wadani Party Strengthens Australian and New Zealand Branches


Wadani party stalwarts Ms Fadumo Saeed and MP Abdirahman Aw Xoog upon arrival in Melbourne Australia

As senior members MP Abdirahman Aw-Xoog and Fadumo Saeed Ibrahim visit the Kangaroo and Kiwi sub-continent
By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
Somalilandsun- The somaliland opposition political party of Wadani shall commemorate the country’s 25th anniversary of independence with Somalilanders resident in Australia.
This follows the arrival of two party members MP Abdirahman Jama aw-Xoog and Fadumo Saed Ibrahim in Melbourne Australia to a warm welcome by somaliland citizens among them a large contingent t of Wadani party members and supporters.
The two visiting party officials who departed Hargeisa after. Citation by Wadani supporters to participate in Independence Day commemorations in the home of the Kangaroo come 18 May shall double their activities in Neighbouring New Zealand as well.
Apart from their Independence Day commemorations the duo Abdirahamn aw Xoog a member of the House of Representatives, the somaliland lower chamber of parliament and Ms Fadumo Saeed Ibrahim who is foreign affairs advisor to Wadani party chair Abdirahman Irro, have the objective of Basically spreading the Wadani phenomenon in the Continent of Australia and New Zealand and more specifically
Wadani party supporters in Australia receive MP Aw Xoog and Fadumo Saeed I upon arrival in Melbourne1) Re—organizing and mobilize the existing Wadani branches which were opened in Melbourne and Sydney in 2014 by MP Aw Xoog and
2) To establish new branches, open new offices and attract new members both in Australia and New Zealand.
During their extended pre and post Independence Day commemorations the duo’s schedule shall also see the, engage the Somaliland diaspora in Australia and New Zealand and various issues pertinent to livelihoods, democratization process and security among others back home.
The duo courtesy of Somalilandsun is expected to link up with the young Australian Somalilander who initiated the UK prime minister petition for recognition of Somaliland as a sovereign nation.
At meeting with some members of the Somaliland diaspora in Australia at a Melbourne cafeSign the David Cameroon PETITION