Somaliland: Wadani Party Presidential Aspirant Abdirahman Irro Visits Local Media Houses, Parleys Journalists


Somaliland speaker of parliament and Oppostion Wadani party presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro at discussions with Dawan media group chief editor Omar mohamed Farah at the papers offices in Hargeisa

By Guled Abdi Mahir
SomalilandSun – Parliamentary Speaker in Impromptu Visit to Media Houses
The speaker of the Lower House of Representatives and the chairman of the opposition National Party (Wadani) Hon.Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi (Irro) surprised many by making a historical visit to some media houses in Hargeisa.
During the Visit the speaker met with top officials of these houses and journalists who were caught unaware by his Impromptu visit.
At Dawan Media Group, the print version of the state owned media which publishes the five days a week Somali language Wargeska Dawan and the weekly English and Arabic version namely The Horn Tribune and Qarni Alafriki, the Wadani party congratulated personnel for their service to the nation.
“Am very happy to share moments with you that gives me an opportunity to extend thanks for your continued service to the nation” Said Irro while urging the government information officers to maintain ethics of journalism especially impartiality on their reports
Speaking on behalf of Dawan media group was its editor in chief Omar Mohamed Farah who revealed of surprise and appreciation on the Opposition party’s chief visit.
“Your visit here today is the first ever this institution by an Opposition party presidential candidate” Omar said while adding that Irro is credited with increasing the number of copies subscribed to parliament since he became speaker.
Somaliland speaker of parliament and Oppostion Wadani party presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro is welcomed to Dawan media group by features writer Said Agjaar cagjar The two, Irro and Omar were in concurrence to the fact that sal S of Dawan media group papers is usually high when any News related to Irro or his Wadani party is published.
The opposition leader tour to the various media Houses left many journalists in awe at the same time elated for this unusual gesture. Top members of the press and their subordinates were in jovial mood as they could not resist to hide their excitement.
Hon. Irro visit government and independent media houses is the first by an opposition politician.
Apart from his visit to the government owned Dawan media group Speaker Irro also paid a visit to independent television station Horn Cable and Star TV and the Geeska media group to name a few.
The Wadani chairman congratulated and thanked journalists working at these establishment for doing a marvelous job informing the masses. He advised them to display loyalty towards their country Somaliland by defending her sovereignty in their reporting.
The opposition heavyweight has put the country unity before mere party politics which has been well received by Somaliland electorate.
According to opinion polls by political pundits in Somaliland Hon. Irro is expected to win with landslide come the election later this year.
Following this unprecedented visit by Irro to local media Houses snippets of yet to verified, indicate that the gesture was received badly by the minister of information and national guidance