Somaliland: Wadani Party Leader on whirlwind Tours Abroad as Elections Approaches


Somalilamd speaker of parliament and leader of opposition party Wadani Abdirahman Irro

Somalilandsun- The main opposition party leader, AbdirahmanIrro, is currently in Europe for undisclosed reasons. The man who also leads the House of Representatives of the Parliament whose job include passing the law that will set out its election terms to pave the way for 2017 election spends much of his time in Europe. His actual job and duties are in Somaliland. 

Going around the capitals of Europe will not make the necessary laws passed on time. It is not even helpful for his bid to win election, if he wants so. This was proved by recent success reached by the ruling party when high ranking intellectual and politician Ahmed I Samatar joined the party. The expectation was that Samatar may side with the opposition parties as his criticism suggested. Apparently he has seen the weakness and failure of the main opposition party.

According tointerview made by Faisal Ali WarabeWaddani wants to push back House of Representative election. The roaming of Irro is evidence for such claims. The question I fail to find an answer is what Irro wants? Does he want to be MP or president? 

Dr Saed Mohamed WarsameIt is clear that he is not the leadeSomalilanders want. He is so weak, coward, clannist, and unable to run small political party rather a country. 

Saeed Mohamed Warsame