Somaliland: Wadani Party Headquarters Attacked


As opposition party concludes second day of national delegates convention

Youths attack Wadani party offices in Hargeisa

By; Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – Intellectuals, youths and University dons took part in a political Development with opposition party Wadani.
The debate took place during the second day of the ongoing Wadani party national convention at a Hargeisa hotel where participants engaged on discussions pertaining to the party’s agenda if elected to the Somaliland presidency come March 2017 elections.
The national convention which concludes on Saturday shall during its course approve amendments to the constitution, approve MOU entered with defected Ex-Kulmiye party functionaries and elected candidates for president and Vice President.
Despite the clean manner in which the opposition party is undertaking its businesses youths on the pay of ruling Kulmiye party attacked the opposition party’s headquarters in the capital city where only grace of Allah managed to avoid serious injuries or deaths.
The youths whose motive of attack is yet to be ascertained hurled hundreds of stones at the Wadani offices that were full to the brim with delegates from all over the country, fortunately only several vehicles ended with measured damage.
The attack was brought to a close by security personnel whose arrival at the scene dispersed the youths.
Wadani national conventionIn the meantime Kulmiye party hosted a welcoming party for Gabriel councilors who joined the over five years ago, thence raising the rows both in the western region and party stronghold as well as nationwide.