Somaliland: Wadani Party Facilitates End to Contested Parliament Speakership


MPs Bashe and Talyanle hug after reconciling as Irro R looks on 1

By M.A.Egge
Somalilandsun- The potentially explosive tug of war in the legislative house saga that hotly disputed new Speaker’s election has been brought to a halt.
The new twist of events emanated from a conciliatory move headed by just resigned speaker Hon. Abdirahman M. Abdillahipopularly known as Irro in a meeting held by the warring sides at his home on Friday.
In a move hailed highly and widely by most people within the country, abroad and the factions themselves, the disputed election of Hon. Bashe M. Farah has been allowed to take effect.
“I announce to the members of public of the nation that we have reconciled the issue of the disputed election of the new speaker for the sake of the people of the country and defusing of tension”, said Irro who resigned the seat he held for over the past dozen of years.
“Hon. Bashe will remain the Speaker since Hon. Talyanle has conciliatory stepped down from the contention”, said the Wadanichairman.
Though I beat you squarely for the sake of national unity I accept you as speaker of Somaliland parliament MP Talyanle tells MP Bashe In a hotly disputed contest that pitted the two against each other, the MPs claimed that the tallying and naming o fthe winner was swapped.
Bashe was announced the winner in a vote of 39 against 38 in his favour, a tally that was claimed to have been swapped by the 39 MPs who signed their names.
Ironically, Hon. Irro noted the tally as to have been in favour of Talyanle in his reconciliatory revelation.
They attributed the conciliatory gesture to be a tradition in the country where tension and skirmishes is to be avoided.
A beaming Hon. Bashe said that he would be un-partisan in his duties as the Speaker and serve all sides justifiably.
He profusely thanked Hon. Talyanle for taking the bold more and stepping down for him.
On his part Hon. Talyanle echoed Hon. Irro’s announcement and said, “I clarify the fact that I have taken into account the plight of the people and augustness of the house (parliament) hence I have stepped down for Bashe despite having practically won with 39 votes (against38)”.

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