Somaliland: WADANI Party Congratulates Armed forces


VP Sayli and Irro in glasses among dignitaries at the military birthday

By: Guleid A Maher

HASRGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The National party (Wadani) has extended the congratulatory message to the Armed of Somaliland at large on the auspices of their 20th Anniversary.

Abdirahman Irro the party’s leader and presidential aspirant cum speaker of parliament congratulated the Somaliland armed forces for their stead fast protection of the country.

In a press statement released by the opposition parties department of information, Irro the party’s chair said “I pray to Allah to bless them abundantly for their selflessness and patriotism in defending the territorial integrity of Somaliland”

Mr. Abdirahman Irro who was among other dignitaries like Somaliland VP Sayli and Ethiopian counsel Brigadier Berhe Tesfaye etc. Tesfaye etc at the National commemoration held at the army headquarters where various units trooped their colours as officers displayed their shiny ranks adorned on their epulates.