Somaliland: Wadani Party Accuses Government of country Disproportional 2021 Budget Revenue Sharing

MP Abdirahman Hoog says the 2021 Somaliland budget is funny

Somalilandsun: The opposition Wadani party has spoken out against alleged injustices in Somaliland’s budget process, saying that cities in the country’s are not allocated fairly, which is contrary to legal and constitutional stipulations.
This was stated by the Secretary General of the Opposition Wadani Party Khadar Hussein Abdi in the capital Hargeisa during an interview with HCTv.
Stressing that the Somaliland Regional and District Administration Law (Law No. 23/2019) is very explicit on the equitable sharing from the national budget by all local councils in the country, the opposition politician went on to query the logic in which the administration has allocated the city of Berbera more from the national budget than the combined allocation to Borama, Burao, Las Anod and Erigavo.
“This is nit only unfair but against the law” said the Wadani Party SG as he went on to reveal that this budget distribution inequity is a regular occurrence every year.
While going a bit soft on the administration Khadar Hussein Abdi, was if the opinion that despite the legal parameters in place there were inequality and injustice in the system created by the rules and the economic system.
Despite this fact the Wadani party holds the position that while it is the government that allegedly makes national budgetary allocations it is the president who has the primary responsibility of ensuring taxes are collected and revenue distributed fairly.
“ Whether one is an importer, exporter or trader in Borama, Burao, Hargeisa or elsewhere in Somaliland you pay the same tax for the same service” said the Wadani party SG as he wondered on the thinking behind charging taxes equitably nationwide but distributing revenue inequitably
On the Financial Management Act which regulates budgetary allocations the Wadani party secretary genera Khadar Hussein Abdi, said that President Bihi and Members of the House of Representatives who were Cognizant of the injustices it holds failed to act properly in 2019 when they made very cosmetic amendments to the bill.
Said he “The President and MPs had the opportunity to see that this Bill is fair to the districts and regions. In the country, it was unfortunate that the previous one was only revoked when Law 12 was changed to Law 23 (Regional and District Administration Act). ” “Berbera has more revenue than Borama, Burao, Las Anod and Erigavo in terms of combined tax revenue,” he said, citing the errors in the law. . ”

This outcry over unfair distribution of revenue to the region’s by the opposition party over the now approved 2021 budget seems unanimous having been echoed by one of its senior members in the house of representatives Abdirahman Mohamed Jama (Abdirahman Xoog)
Prior to the vote on the budget the legislators who was briefing the Geeska Afrika newspaper in Hargeisa wondered how Arabsiyo a small trading centre in the outskirts of Hargeisa has been allocated mire that the district’s of Baligubadle and Adadley combined.
“If we talk population Baligubadle alone has tenfold that of Arabsiyo thus similar tax collection by the same government which is now allocating the village mire than two district’s combined” said MP Hoog
The fiery legislator went on to argue that the government had been very persistent in announcing that it had reduced tax charges for imported basic necessities like rice, flour and sugar but citizens are who are yet to see the price reductions are crying out.
Said he “with the least quantity of each of the above commodities being sold at two dollars , the poor can not bear the burden, mire so lest when their government is very harsh on taxation”

Apart from making livelihoods for the poor more difficult MP Abdirahman Hoog went on to accuse the administration of president Bihi for promoting illegal Immigration-Tahrib by locally educated youths.
According to the Legislator the recent government Ban on VITZ vehicles mostly used as taxis in the country’s major towns was a blunder unproportioned anywhere on earth because these type of vehicle is employer to thousands of youths mostly university graduates.
Arguing that the administration has lacklustre job creation strategies MP Hoog urged president Bihi to put reins on his policy makers whom he termed as blind to realities on the ground.

In conclusion politician and member of opposition Wadani Party who is a member of the house of representatives said that it was imperative that future budgetary allocations be distributed equitably thus ensure that citizens everywhere feel part and parcel of Somaliland.