Somaliland: Wadani Party Absorbs Influx of New Members


Wadani supporters new and old at meeting in Hargeisa Somaliland

Somalilandsun -Wadani leadership in Hargeisa welcomed politicians from Ahmed Dhagah district of the capital in a widely attended event in the capital today. Politicians welcomed in the reception event at Ambassador Hotel included MP Abdilkadir Jirde and the former minister of health of UDUB administration Mr. Abdi Haybe as well as other supporters.

The chair of Wadani National Party- Abdirahman Erro , Ahmed Muin Seed – the vice chair, members of the parliament , prominent Wadani members and supporters of the party have attended the event welcoming the new supporters that have joined Wadani National party.

The chairman of Wadani National Party Mr. Abdirahman Erro in an opening speech sincerely welcomed the politicians and supporters of Wadani party who joined today. Mr Erro told the supporters that it was the beginning of an era of public ownership , trust and mutual consultations in Somaliland . The chairman said that the news of the supporters that have joined Wadani shook the current government lead by Ahmed Silanyo.

Wadani sees this success today a move that will bring the winning of Wadani National Party in the next elections.
Today’s influx of supporters to Wadani National Party was preceded by the joining of huge number of supporters from Awdal region last week in a reception event held in Borama by the elite , elders and youth of Borama

At the same time a number of supporters joined Wadani National party in LasAnod , the capital of Sool region and were also welcomed in a reception at the capital of the region.
Abdiqadir jirde and Wadani party boss Abdirahamn Irro at the functionThere is a wide spread movement currently going on throughout the country in which huge number of the public are joining Wadani National Party which is seen as the sole party to regain the lost image of the country because of years of Kulmiye rule.
The decision of the majority of Somaliland people to join Wadani National Party is a sign that the public have lost confidence in the current administration which is plagued by corruption , mismanagement and which cannot be trusted to rule the country any more.