Somaliland: Wadani Challenge is Very Welcomed and “Long Overdue”


Despite internal party plans to challenge his bid for Somaliland presidency Abdirahman Irro remains the only viable option for his Wadani Party

Somalilandsun – May I take this opportunity to thank the right honorable Mr. Mahdi Buuba who is currently the official spokesperson for Waddani party for undertaking upon himself a very bold and politically risky decision to announce that there will be a leadership contest within Waddani party’s upcoming national congress conference?

Mr. Mahdi Buuba is a young ambitious MP and he confirmed to all of us what we have already anticipated.”?
An internal political crisis has been brewing within the party. Members and grassroots supporters have lost trust and confidence in the leadership of Chairman Abdirahman Irro and his deputy Mr. Seed.
As an independent political observer myself, and a patriotic citizen.
I’ always encourage and advice my fellow former colleagues, and friends of Waddani supporters and sympathizer to ditch’ or replace Mr. Abdirahman Irro. First and for most in the interest and unity of Somaliland.
In order for Waddani to be become a credible, effective and serious electable political party.
The main problem with chairman Irro as a leader and person is that he has shown and proven to be self-egoist’ ‘a shrewd businessmen and therefore he lack, , moral compass, conviction, and a long term vision. He is a power hungry and divisive figure within the country and his own party.
Over the last ten years he was the chairman of Somaliland parliament with a huge salary’, he failed to contribute and take part on going public sand voluntary, projects such as Road building water, wells schools, and many more which is taking place throughout the country. Carried out and funded by members of the Somaliland diaspora like him.
It never occurred to him that he is in a position of privilege to help his fellow citizens and putting something back in to society.
After decades of been absent from the struggle and the liberation of Somaliland from a brutal tyranny of M. Siyad Barre regime which he was an intelligence agent.
Waddani party rank and file’ cannot comprehend nor accept the idea that ex junior diplomat, with EU passport wanting to use and abuse the legislative power of Somaliland parliament.
And at the same time wanting to run for presidency without a leadership challenge. He is out of touch with the electorate, and his only motivate is to get wealthy in Somaliland.
From the outset we, all recognized that the beleaguered, leader of Waddani have in fact polarized, public opinion especially among senior party activist and followers. Lack of leadership skills and charisma and also his unwillingness to adhere to parliamentary standard and code of ethics.
Chairman Abdirahman Irro set out to cause immense damage and political havoc to the stability and unity of Somaliland. It is therefore inevitable the deselect ion of Mr. Irro in the next party national congress conference and I said good riddance.
Ali Biime