Somaliland: Wadani Rejuvenates Australian Party Support Base



Wadani party foreign affairs chief Fadumo Saeed addresses Australian Somalilanders in Melbourne

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai 

MELBOURNE ( Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland 25th anniversary of independence was commemorated by Australian Somalilanders at a colorful event in Melbourne.
Officiating festivities were MP Abdirahaman Aw-Xoog and Wadani party foreign affairs advisor Fatumo Saeed who are in the Kangaroo sub-continent for the commemorations as well as activities related to the Somaliland opposition party Wadani.
Wadani supporters at a party function in Melbourme Following festivities that were hosted by local youths of Somaliland origin at a community hall in a Melbourne estate where Somali speaking predominate MP Aw-Xoog addressed participants on various pertinent to status back home as well as on Nationalism, the national anthem and Somaliland history.
At the function various certificates of achievement and recognition were awarded to students of Somaliland origin who have garnered top marks in school and subsequent scholarships to Australian universities.
Parents especially of the two top students with scholarships to Australian universities of reckon were also recognized at the function for their apt child bringing thence conferred with certificates too.
MP Abdirahman Aw Xoog awards a parent and her top academic achieving son in MeBourne As for the Wadani party local Australian initially established in Melbourne and Sydney in 2014 by MP Aw-Xoog who is not onLy a legislator in the Somaliland lower cha,her of parliament but a senior Wadani Party functionary, membership has continued to increase in addition to opening sub branches in the cities of Perth and Alice Springs.
Speaking to Somalilandsun via viber Ms Fadum Saeed revealed her appreciation of the reception by Somalilanders in Australian as well as the meticulous preparations for co,me,orations of Independence Day celebrations.
“More important is the huge support given to our party Wadani which has won the hearts and minds of Most Australians of Somaliland origin” said Ms Fadumo who is advisor on foreign affairs to Wadani party leader Abdirahman Irro.
The duo of local politicians are expected to continue their Party strengthening activities in Neighbouring New Zealand before their return home.