Somaliland: VP Sayli Recives Lukewarm Reception In Erigavo


Youths in Erigavo jeer Somaliland VP Sayli

Somalilandsun- As voter registrations ensues in Sanaag region political party leaders have invaded the regional capital which is base for their region wise residents morale boosting and supporter wooing campaigns.

In his capacity as ruling party Kulmiye team leader in the Sanaag campaigns the Somaliland Vice President  Abdirahman Sayli who is also party nominee for same post in 2017 elections  entered Erigavo town, capital of the sprawling eastern region to a hostile reception by residents.

unlike the warm reception of  opposition Wadani party Leader Abdilahi Irro who is also speaker of Somalilland’s parliament, youths booed the VP Sayli into their town reports hornnewspaper in a piece titled Youths Boo and Jeer Vice President

The battle for political suprenacy ongoing in Sanaag region between ruling Kulmiye and opposition parties of Wadani and UCID comes in the pretex of motivating residents to register as voters during the one month exercise started last Saturday by the National Election Commission-NEC.

Speaker of Somaliland parliament and leader of opposition party Wadani Abdilahi Irro with elders I. Sanaag regionwhile election rules stipulate that electioneering can only proceed with announcement by NEC, surely three months to elections, now slated for March 2017, the election body and government and looking the other way presumably to ensure that residents of the region especially in the Eastern districts of Las Qoray, Badaan, Henglool and Dahar etc register thence participate for the first time in electing leaders of their choice.

Though Somaliland has in the span of its young democratization proces, held numerous national and  local offices elections none has taken part in some areas of Eastern Sanaag and similarly in neighboring Sool region.

This taint in the world acclaimed democratization process is as a result of difficulties emanating from claims to the areas by Puntland  has regularly dispatched troops thence never ending tensions resulting in lack of public services among other. This has also seen the amassing of troops by SomalilaNed in the recent past who presence has made it possible for incursions by militias funded by Puntland difficult.

The Somalia administrative region lays claim to these  under the territorial jurisdiction Somaliland for the absurd reason that the predominant inhabitants namely the Warsengeli in East Sanaag and Dhulbahante in Sool region are brothers with the Puntland Majeerteen clan who all hail from the wider Harti clan.

Meanwhile the administration of President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo  intent on ensuring ,as promised, that elections are held in all parts of the country come March 2017, has intensified military presence in the east of Sanaag where a ploy to effect the president Abdiweli Gas , Puntland threat to thwart voter registration has seen skirmishes between the national army and militias fro. Garowe.