Somaliland: VP Sayli Broadens Diplomatic Ties with Liberia


L-R Amb Pancharia VP Sayli and Alishaqi

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – Bilateral talks between Somaliland and Liberia have concluded successfully in the United Arab Emirates.

The talks that ensued in Dubai between VP Abdirahman Abdilahi and Ambassador Arun Pancharia of Liberia in the presence of Mr. Hussein Alishaqi of CEO of Africa Development Fun ended with agreement on the imperative need of establishing sustainable diplomatic relations between the two African Countries.

Amb Pancharia who is of Indian descendent and among top business leaders in the UAE said that Liberia acknowledges the efforts made by Somaliland and in addition to its fulfillment of relevant conditions of a country is worthy of recognition as a sovereign nation.

“I promise that my country Liberia shall do all its best to see to it that your country Somaliland is accorded its rightful place among the League of Nations” Amb Pancharia told VP Sayli.

L-R Amb Pancharia VP Sayli and Alishaqi 

Ambassador Arun Pancharia carries a lot of influence within Africa being an advisor to eight African presidents in addition to his broad investments in over 20 other countries within the continent.

VP Sayli who is on an official visit to the UAE has already held similar successful diplomatic forays with the republic of Niger which apart from promising to establish direct diplomatic relations between Hargeisa and Niamey also will provide numerous higher educational scholarships to local students.

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