Somaliland: VP inspects Humboweyne Dam project


VP inspects Humboweyne Dam project

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun The VP H.E. Abdirahman A. Ismael yesterday toured the Humboweyne Dam Project going on at Lasgeel District.
The VP who was flanked by the Minister of Interior Hon. Yasin Mohamud Hiir (Faratoon), Trade Minister Hon. Omar Shu’aib Mohammed, State Minister for Water Resources Hon. Mahdi Osman Buuri, Presidential Spokesman Eng. Hussein Aden Egge and the Manager of the Water Agency.
The project which is the first of its kind of this magnitude in the country covers an area of 800 m2 and will carry 500,000 cubic meters of water and had its foundation stone lain by the Head of State himself.
It is located at a strategic area where more than four major seasonal rivers and several streams converge. The dam, once completed will not only serve the boosting of Hargeisa city water supply alone, but will greatly fledge the agricultural industry in its environs.
Humbo weynFunded by Khalifa Bin Zayid Al Nahiyan, the project is being implemented by the UAE based construction works of Conser. All the technical workers are Somalilanders, according to Conser local head. They will also build several public amenities like medical health dispensaries etc.
All the speakers at the function underpinned the important role the dam will play upon completion by April 2017.

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