Somaliland: VP Fires Awdal Regional Governor , After Governor’s Mansion in Borame is Sold


L R Mustafe Shine exits Awdal Governship after axing by VP Sayl currently acting president of Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- In an inexplicable turn of events , a decision by the presidency has left the Awdal regional governor’s mansion in Borame without an occupant.
This follows the abrupt firing of Mustafe Abdi Shine from the office of Awdal regional governor by Somaliland Vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi Sayli, through a presidential decree # JSL/VP/WW/04-00332/082017.
VP Sayli who is acting for his on personal leave boss president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo, justified his decsion to fire the Awdal governor to numerous reasons chiefly being the lose of confidence within Awdalities in his, Mustafe Abdi, conduct of governmnent afairs.
The VP who incidentally hails from Awdal region also attributed the axing of the governor to Several mistakes as pertains the governor’s
• Interference in land related issues which are not the central governent’s purview but that of the local council and
• Frequent abscece from official wrk station in Borame town, as brought to my attention by residents.
“To this effect, Inhereby inform that you have officially been removed from my office as governor of Awdal region” read the decree adding that the deputy governor shall take over temporarily.
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The VP letter addressed to minister in charge of security, his regional administration counterpart, deputy/now acting Awdal region governor and the Somaliland police commissioner, also alluded to some nefarious political activites by the outgoing governor.
Mustafe Abdi Shine is profffesssnal a journalist whose entire career in the fourth estate was on service to the Somaliland governent that saw him rise to the position of editor in chief of the governement owned print mandeeg and now Dawan media group, joined the regional administration in mid 2014 when he took over residence at the governor’s mansion in Gabile.
It was during his tenure there that the saga of stray dogs adorned with Oppostion Wadani party flags hit the nation
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Two years after joining the regional administration he was transferred from Gabile to Sool where after narrowly escaping annasssination attempt in May 2016, his boss president Silanyo transferred him once again this time to the Awdal regional governor’s mansion in Borame.
A long term and loyal supporter of president Silanyo from the days of Oppostion, Mustafe Shine was the Kulmiye party chief campaigner in his home region of Sanaag during the 2010 presidential election campaign that brought Silanyo to office.
While firing and hiring senior public servants is the president’s mandate, and while VP Sayli has in the past acted as president on numerous occasions, it is the first time that he, VP Sayli has issued a decree firing anybody.
In the meantime the exit of Mustafe Abdi Shine as governor of Awdal region might have come at the very right moment, owing to the fact that, he has been reported to have been residing and conducting official business at a one roomed dilapidated house built by the in Borame in the 1950s.
The dire circumstances surrounding the governor as pertains to residency came to light late July this year when MP Abubakar Abdirahman Gorth who hails from the region accused the government of corruption, leading to the sell of the Awdal regional governor’s mansion.

“ I can confidently confirm that the Awdal governor’s mansion in Borame town has been sold” the MP said adding that at the moment the presumed president (governor) of the region is currently to be considered as an internally displaced person.

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