Somaliland: Voting for Musa Behi is Electing a Dangerous Dictator


By: Mukhtar Haji Ali
Somalilandsun – Musa Bihi is in a scary campaign to become the candidate of the ruling party in the Somaliland Republic. What many do not understand is that if Musa becomes the Presidential candidate of the ruling and most popular part it will be very easy for him to become a President of our nation. If Musa becomes President that is the day the Somaliland Republic will break up and be divided. Why? The noble people of the Somaliland Republic are united, from the greener pastures of Awdal to the high terrains of Sanaag. But this evil man is the only person that could destroy such a sacred and holy unity. Musa does not value the unity of the Somaliland Republic and has insulted many tribes that live in the Somaliland Republic. He is one of the most disliked politicians in Awdal, his name cannot be heard or brought up in the regions of Sool, Sanaag and Cayn, and last but not least, he is the man who once said “Anoo wax dili kara duco qaadan maayo” in reference to a particular clan. The video is still on the Youtube today:
This man is not good for Somaliland Republic. He is a rude man pretending to act like dictator. He believes that no one can replace Silanyo other than him. Since he is also a SNM veteran, he might even influence the soliders of the national army who also fought in the SNM to follow his orders and turn the country into a police state. Either way, please wake up people!! Electing Musa Bihi is electing a dangerous dictator that will ruin the Somaliland Republic.
Somaliland: Vote for Muse Behi and Elect Truth