Somaliland: Voter Registration Law Amended


if approved by Guurti the upper chamber of paliament New law shall dictate voter registration in Somaliland

By: Omar Mohamed Farah
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland’s House of Representatives approved a few amendments to the voters’ registration law thus dispelling obstacles to parliamentary and presidential elections which are scheduled for March 2017.

This amendment come after a joint agreement between the Somaliland president Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo, National political parties and electoral commission to suspend voter registration for one month due to registration encumbrances precipitated by prolonged and severe drought in the country, particularly the west regions.
The amendment of this law deals with only one article that pertains to the time frame in which the voter register should be ready prior to election, in which the changed clause stipulated that the register should be in place six months before elections while the amended one states that It should be ready WITHIN six months”
Members of parliament vote in approval to Somaliland voter registration law ammendmentsThis move thus makes it possible for the Election commission to undertake voter register unto a day prior to balloting date which literally translates to the fact that the contention issue of further term extension for both the executive and parliament is hitherto negated.

Somaliland speaker of the lower house Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdillahi Iro stated that they approved the suggestion letter from the president which is prevented of the elections again.

“We are affirming the citizens that this amendment has concluded our fear about further elections delays since the commissioners have sufficient time to facilitate holding of elections in March 2017,” Said Mr. Iro said at parliament buildings in Hargeisa after house approved the amendment
Now that the house of representatives has approved finalize debate to the voter registration law and approved amendments it is now to be forwarded to Guurti the upper chamber of parliament for similar action thence to the president for signature and subsequent promulgation as law.

NEC Commissioners seen swearing impartiality have no excuse to delay elections in Somaliland further if the voter registration law receves Guurti approvalAt the same time the Speaker informed that a detailed fact finding report pertaining to proportional representation grievances collected nationwide has been forwarded to the president for relevant action