Somaliland: Vote for Muse Behi and Elect Truth


Musa Behi Kulmiye party candidate for office Somaliland president

Somalilandsun – Mr. Musa Behi Abdi currently is serving as chairman of Kulmiye party of Somaliland. A former Mujahid who fought for independence of Somaliland and has held various positions including to that of the ministry of Interior under president Egal and later as a chairman of Kulmiye party. Mr. Musa Behi is a soldier but later did law degree from Hargeisa university of Somaliland. In addition to that, He is out spoken political figure, lawyer, honest politician and a farmer. He had a wide variety of interests, and he has accomplished a great deal. As a Soldier, he was known for his fighting for the cause of Somaliland. As a farmer, he had established a big farm near Hargeisa where he grows fruit and vegetables for the market in Hargeisa. As a politician, he is a chairman of Kulmiye party (the ruling party) and key political figure who drives the Kulmiye party politics and is also a staunch supporter for the current president Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud.

If the President has the ambition to seek another term of office, it is ok Mr. Muse Behi will definitely withdrew his candidacy or else he is the candidate for the post of president in Somaliland Mr. Musa Behi is a master of Somaliland political environment and has the intentions to avoid problems before they arise. He is willing to work to understand the needs and desires of Somaliland citizens. When it comes to his leadership characteristics; He is respectful, open-minded, good communicator, organized, delegator, initiative and consistent and has the objectives of expanding the current democratic institutions and also welcomes any idea on how we can strengthen our country and manage existing and future challenges. Mr. Musa Behi is not a dictator but honest and is not corrupt and has no intentions to loot the tax payers money. He will come up with new models for development for each and every sector in the country and is also ready to listen to anyone with good idea.

Mr. Musa Behi is serious and can be contacted through social media. He writes on his( Biixi Cabdi) : “We would like to impress upon all our supporters on the importance of positive campaign. Please be aware of those few individuals who seek to create bad impression on our campaign through acts of violence or bad language towards the competition.
Any democratic contest is bound to have people with different views and visions”.

He is also aware the problems of unemployment in Somaliland and this is what he has to say: “The high unemployment rate of youth in Somaliland is a festering crisis that need our collective attention. We need out of the box ideas”. It is high time ‪for ‎KULMIYE to renew itself by engaging with the people of ‪Somaliland. There will be positive campaign focusing on substantive issues for review in the areas of governance, security, price of essential commodity, corruption, democracy and much more. Mr. Musa Behi has not committed any crime against his people but has reinforced the unity and sovereignty of the country and its people and thus is ethical and moral value for any citizen in this country to support him in any upcoming elections for various reasons including to that of the above mentioned. He is of the view that in politics one day you are up and one day you are down, and Mr. Musa Behi Abdi is prepared for both ends.

Abdirahman Ibrahim Abdilahi