Somaliland: Vote Abdikarim Mohamed Eid – CE0, Telesom for #‘AfricaCom CXO of The Year’ 2018:


Somalilandsun- For almost two decades Telesom has been the driving force of the economic development of a little known country “Somaliland” by making it the fifth country to launch a successful in house mobile money platform-ZAAD, and the first in the world to crate a mobile currency exchange platform that has transformed lives of our community
Under the Leadership of Abdikarim Mohamed Eid in the position of CEO the company has been transformed from an expertly considered strategy to a digitally transformed one (mobile money, cloud, LoT and VAS)
With this in view the CEO of the Hargeisa based Telesom Company Abdikarim Mohamed Eid is among nominees for r #‘AfricaCom CXO of The Year’ 2018:
Please make Somaliland proud and vote for Mr EID through link below…