Somaliland: Vigilant Efficient and Productive Public Financial Planning


“The budget of Somali-land from 2010 until 2014”

By: Ismail Lugweyne

Somalilandsun – Owing to vigilant efficient and productive financial planning, Somaliland, minister of finance Abdiaziz Mohamed Samaale submitted and presented the parliament the budget for the fiscal year 2014, ahead of the schedule time, which is expected to fall in January 2014.

The budget submitted exceeds to that of the last year by 26 million US dollars (126 million against 152 millions). The new budget is free from any tax increase, but contrary waived any tax for the necessary commodities, which assist the growth of the national economy such as the water resources, fishery equipments, agricultural equipments any spare parts essential for all ranges of industries etc. like everybody else, even though the Parliament has not endorsed the new budget, however, most parliamentarians have cheered the new budget upon presentation in view of the size of the budget.

The forecasted budget of the first year for the current government submitted by ex-finance minster, Engineer Mohamed Hashi was short by 4.5 million dollars, whereas, the various forecasted budges submitted by the current finance minster, bdiaziz Mohamed Samaale tallies to forecasted figure or without lesser the projected figure. The budgets of years 2010 and until 2014 in million US dollars in plains figures are detailed below.

Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Budget 47 88 108 126 152

In conclusion taken into consideration, the efficient performance demonstrated by the finance minster, which secured spectacular achievements, which even the blind can see and deaf can hear. Hence, making an evaluation in the past and the present in Somali-land, it obvious that, the future years to come promising splendid and impressive achievements. Therefore, those who, disagree with these successive progresses should differentiate day light and night fall.

Ismail Lugweyne