Somaliland: Victory over Khatumoist Leads to Enhance Pariah Status Diplomatically


President Silanyo and Amb Nicholas Kay of UNSOM  at the Somaliland presidency in Hargeisa on 19th Aug 2014

Somalilandsun – Though there is growing uncertainty in Hargeisa when the entire Democratic World turned back to Somaliland by forcing to withdraw from Sah dher, there is no doubt if the pullout is materialized and other tribes will demand withdrawal like never before! And that is countdown towards our slowly destruction. But our good days have ended? But what led the International Community to behave that way? Somaliland is in dangerous turning point but does political survivor Silanyo at this crossroads has any idea to decelerate “immortal” Somaliland’s demise? Does Somaliland have other cards to play as leverage?
Yes, I think “active” ministers should not be kept intact in next ministerial reshuffle but be as Head of State and Foreign and Security Ministers to make Somaliland look “genuine Islamic Caliphate” blessed by Allah and open embassies In ISIS, Qandahar, Swat Valley, and Gaza, rather in Addis Ababa, London, and Tel Aviv, that’s, in my judgment, a great effective policy to politically torture Nicholas Kay.

Asking Somaliland high official why Djibouti and Ethiopia closed their shared borders, I was surprised by absurd uniform answers!” they hate us”
Do war-profiteering companies have any role of the roofless Somaliland? Dahab Shill and Telesom have been in the political game and many of these are run by unionists with Islamists tendencies.
But amid ocean of Islamists bankrollers, Somaliland lost a vital lifeline of the foreign policy. Somaliland arch foes seriously learnt from Silanyo’s suspect policies of triggering endless wars to miscarry ex-governments. He used to push Somaliland into unnecessary conflicts to succumb to his personal evil demands. Awdalians may follow suit if the demands of the Chiefs currently in Hargiesa are not met; they may lower Somaliland flag waving in their towns.

Somaliland’s enemies took stock of Silanyo’s myriad political layers and masterfully exploited diplomatic fiascos and political vulnerabilities: Islamists over Clannish Bigots, Secessionists vs. Unionists or Materialists,
Prof. Ali Galaydh constantly feeds credible Intel information realized he can’t attain his goal—turning Somaliland into tiny tribal “fiefdoms” by talking to BBC Somali Services alone like Prof. Samatar. But waging unnecessary war will sink Somaliland rudderless ship sooner.
Apart from military causalities, The last incursion of Sah Dher village cost Somaliland’s meager budget around half of million US dollars which could be spent on running clinics or training doctors to save lives. Any pullout would cost as well. Somaliland can’t sustain such hit and run attacks and will finally collapse unless strategic political solution is come with.
“We’ve no problem with Isaaqs” Mr. Galaydh said detaching people from their government hinting insincerely a regime change, not destruction of Somaliland is mentioned, which was dangerous game. Galaydh’s victimhood tone in his inaugural speech and realignment into Somaliland domestic policies earned sympathy even from Silanyo’s inner circle “are we not Muslims and Somalis?” he said cleverly talking to unionists and Islamists that run the show in Somaliland

The ruling party Chair Musa Behi vows lifelong loyalty to Somalilad president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo
Exploiting inexperience of Silanyo’s foreign policymakers, he convinced Western leaders that Somaliland is simply a vengeful tribe eager to usurp other similar tribe’s territories and producer of mass terrorists of Al-Qaida style.
The international community’s call to withdraw Somaliland ragtag army from invisible Sah Dheh, a very tiny village unheard of before was the fruit of diplomatic campaign and media war.
The takeover of Foreign Ministry by the Interior Minister manifested the ongoing utter failure of foreign policy despite the continued denial by Bihi Yonis. He must immediately resign if Somaliland meant anything to him. His predecessor despite his “small white lies” was far better and ahead of the game
UN envoy for Somalia Nicolas Kay promises something to Somaliland but does something entirely differently to confuse innocent so called ministers! To Humanitarian Deputy Chief like Yonis, this game is hard to decipher.
Because of the unrelenting diplomatic campaign by Somaliland anti-secessionist camp, our diplomacy fell flat: but one of the factors that contributed to the quick demise that led the simultaneous shutdown of two different borders is the inclusion of hardliners into core of steering wheel as ministers! Abdiwali Gas and Prof. Ali Galaydh are equally educated as Bihi Yonis if not better further took advantage of it.
Is Somaliland credible regime? Or insane regime that is run by Islamist lunatics from Afghanistan who handshakes Western women delegates with one hand on Mondays but sends cash electronically to militants in Bidoa on Fridays with the other using ailing president as rubberstamp!
Whatsoever the reason, Somaliland’s diplomacy undoubtedly has been going downhill before Bihi Yonis and continues to do so, but what can done about it? Somaliland ignored the international community’s suggestions for years and the world is punishing it with stick. Amid mounting pressure, Somaliland has to withdraw from Sah Dher, then Las Anod, and then Borama if riots erupt till Somaliland becomes lookalike Hubin iyo Heeb where the Somaliland flag wave only in Hero Awar Quarter probably Samsam’s newly built mansion! And the grim scenario already began.
Somaliland Interior Minister and sometimes becomes “foreign Minister” Ali Waran’ade travels back and forth to Addis Ababa dozen times in the last week alone wasting poor masses’ finance and returned empty-handed! “Mr. Waran’ade C’mon, return to Addis Ababa” Silanyo in his home care uttered “we’ve no choice…”. ” **si Go to Arabia” .
President Silanyo saw the financial rewards of the few Islamists installed into the system but not the perils of their crime; they complicated our relationships with the outside world. Instead of scapegoating others, can we dare to take them out and build three big Mosques for them to raise and indoctrinate their intellectually inferior folks to replenish their Jihadists roster?
Diplomatically, Somaliland is subject to further isolation of Gaza-style blockade reminiscent of 1988 when thousands of our civilians in the face of danger of deadly war couldn’t cross Saylac. However; the recent call of pullout of forces from Sah Dher by US, EU and UN simultaneously for the first time in Somaliland history is a clear message that Democracy led by Islamists and Clannish warriors and Materialists has utterly failed. Shall we mend our behavior or continue playing game blame?

President Silanyo of Somaliland receives the depury German Amb Christian Resch at the Hargeisa presidency/file
The West backed off our secession “claims” and it was a wake-up call to deal with the new reality, If Silanyo and his corrupt cronies continue to ignore International Community’s recommendation to remove criminals from the system, Somaliland foreign delegates would be only security experts like UK highest security advisor to monitor angrily expanding terror infrastructure in the nation-wide.
Of the two borders still off and on basis under security surveillance to prevent terrorists travelling as ministers for first time in human history, and the tug-of-war off and on basis as well, Somaliland can’t stand but would give in somewhere down the line unless the course changes, enemies believe. But to us, Somaliland is unsinkable like the Titanic, so either us or them are wrong and only time will tell.
The author Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye is a Somaliland Activist and Political Commentator,