Somaliland: Victims of Dhumey Clan Conflict Received Apt MoH Emergency Services-Dr Xergeeye


Somalilandsun – The Sool Regional Hospital in Las Anod responded positively with treatment to citizens injured during the recent clan clashes in Sool region.
This was revealed by Somaliland Ministry of Health Director General Dr Mohamed Abdi ‘Xergeeye’ during a press briefing in his Hargeisa offices.
“On the day of the conflict the ministry of health headquarters mobilized medical professionals for emergency duties at the Las Anod hospital” said Dr Xergeeye adding that those targeted in the Respnse were doctors and nurses
The health DG was briefing on the medical response provided by the government of Somaliland to residents of Dhumey village in Sool region which was scene of deadly clan clashes.
The armed skirmishes that occurred last Monday and said to be the worst in the recurring clan conflict in the area ensued with the death of almost 100 and over 80 injured.
“Apart from the mobilization of medical personnel within Sool and neighbouring regions the ministry of health also provided a truckload of medical supplies to the regional hospital in Las Anod” said the DG
While stating that 90% of the Dhumey injured were treated at the hospital in Las Anod , Dr Xergeeye informed that others with severe life threatening ailments were dispatched to the Toghdeer regional hospital in Burao and Hargeisa group hospital-HGH in Hargeisa where they are still receiving medical attention.

At the HGH which is the main Somaliland referral hospital , 20 citizens who sustained severest injuries during the clashes in Dhumey are being attended by specialized doctors.
Negating some media reports to the effect that the MoH was slow in reacting to the worst clan clashes to ever hit the country in over two decades, the public health administrator said facts were contrary not to mention that the response was apt both with personnel and supplies.

Similarly the Somaliland ministry of health Director General refuted alleged airlifting of Dhumey injured to hospitals in Mogadishu whole urging local media houses to pursue professionalism thence avoid politicizing issues like the disaster in the south of Las Anod.
“It beats reason why any Somalilander would seek medical attention in the capital of Somalia while hospitals in Somaliland are better endowed” quipped Dr Xergeeye
Following the disaster in the south of Las Anod that resulted in many dead and injured a Number of local media houses reported on an alleged airlift to Mogadishu of some Injured persons , supposedly facilitated by the Somalia federal government.
“While citizens of Somaliland are free to seek medical attention anywhere, facts should always be treated factually by the fourth estate” said the health administrator

A day after the deadly clan clashes the president of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi who extended condolences to family of the dead while wishing the injured a quick recovery also called for an expedited end to the recurring clashes .
“ I hereby order concerned agencies within my administration acting in conjunction with traditional leaders to reconcile the warring clans for an immediate cessation of hostilities as a prelude to final resolution.

As for the health ministry response, the Sool Regional Governor had appealed for emergency medical services in lieu of the high number of Injured citizens who sought treatment at the hospital in Las Anod.

The warring clans of Dhumey used heavy weaponry