Somaliland: Vice President Visits Cyclone Victims in Lughaya


Somalilandsun:The vice president of Somaliland, H.E Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael (Sayli’i)
has distributed government aid to cyclone victims in Lughaya town. The cyclone has affected Awdal,Selel and Sahil region most according to
Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) reporters in the field in these regions. The
VP was accompanied by Somaliland Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons
Organization chairman Mr.Abdikarim Ahmed Mohammed (Hiniif). Reliable
sources informed SOLNA that cargo planes from the UAE ferried the donated
aid to Lughaya.

According to sources on the ground the UAE government sent donation
supplies which consisted of medical supplies, foodstuff, clothes and other
basic necessities for the cyclone victims who had lost their livelihood,
and were now living in destitution.

The vice president who made a short speech at the distribution centre
promised that more aid was on the way and confirmed that the government
would not rest until all the affected people are assisted.

The deputy president said that the government is doing all in her power to
make sure the cyclone victims are not left alone to fend for themselves
“This is just a small token when the rains subside many truck loads of
relief will come into all the affected areas.”

Speaking on behalf of Lughaya resident an elder called Oday Guled thanked
the government for the quick response it has initiated and added they now
have total faith of their leaders.