Somaliland: US Court Exonerates Dahabshiil from Links to Terror Financing


US Court Exonerates Dahabshiil from Links to Terror Financing

Somalilandsun- “The complaint does not provide a plausible basis to infer that defendants, either individually or collectively, knew or were deliberately indifferent to the fact that their services were used to send funds to al-Shabaab on any specific occasion.”
This was stated by the The United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, as it cleared Dahabshiil, international money transfer firm on Friday of allegations raised by one Harbi Hussein in an attempt to link the reputed remittance company to terror financing.

Accrdong to the appellate judge Caproni, J. of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York “, plaintiffs failed to raise a plausible allegation that defendants performed any banking services in favor of al-Shabaab while acting with the requisite mental state. In their complaint, plaintiffs assert that four transfers originating in Minnesota were made by defendants on behalf of al-Shabaab. However, the complaint also indicates that all four transfers were sent by individuals unaffiliated with defendants, who deliberately concealed the nature of the transactions by sending the money under false names, or to individuals with no public association with al-Shabaab. The remaining allegations in the complaint are highly generalized and do not contain enough detail to “nudge[ ] their claims across the line from conceivable to plausible.”
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