Somaliland: US Cautioned President on Election Delay- Leaked


President Silanyo and US Special Representative for Somalia and Somaliland Amb James P. McAnulty/file

Somalilandsun – A month prior to election postponement by Guurti the Somaliland upper chambers of parliament the US had urged the president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo to ensure that there were no divergences on dates proposed by National Election commission.
While the EU had expressed its strong opposition to the 22 months presidential and parliamentary delay imposed by Guurti a leaked letter, below, written to President Silanyo of Somaliland by Ambassador James P. McAnulty, the Special Representative of the US for Somalia/ Somaliland indicates concerns by the government in Washington.

The US and EU are among the major donors that fund Somaliland elections and therefore, have a say in the election process.

leaked letter from US to president Silanyo of Somaliland