Somaliland: Urgency in Campaigning in favor Of Somaliland to Save it


By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye
(Somalilandsun) – In sense of urgency and frustration, president Silanyo tried to ask Addis Ababa government to hand Sultan Waber over to him but his last attempt met with disgraceful failure, according to Indian Ocean Newsletter of Intelligence affairs, his request has been turned down.

It was a slap in the face of the president who has shown disdain and clannish superiority when the elite of Gudabirsi went to his office. They told his government is lopsided meaning his ministers are almost one tribe, Issaaq, considering intimidating and oppressing, instead of addressing to their ethnic concerns, he went to Batalaale beach to receive his weekly massage which his Cilaj minister –in-law prescribed for him.
This diplomatic fiasco is one of dozen attempts to bolster diplomacy. But all ended up in shameful responses, but this time he retreated because the withered president Mr Silanyo realized Wadani Party has been telling nothing but the truth: this unrecognized country cannot survive in isolation from the rest of the region, and international community. Social justice for all people regardless of tribe is essential too and the binder of the society. Everything is else is rhetoric or nonpragmatic and “wishful thinking” for prat. And that why with Wadani Party the entire nations stands with them.
health care proxies—his extended families and religious bigots that act as artery of his system, they built mosque looking place in the palace after president Riyale Kahin left the office, which can be a drone shelter if the world intelligence find out missile hiding there— influenced his political views. But now he accepted the bitter reality the country has degenerated to: Sool and Awdal has gone at the least Somaliland has no place in their hearts but we can keep military machine in their urban centers like Kabul city, easier to invade militarily than earning hearts.
Finally, President Silanyo ceased his snobbery or presumptuousness and jealousness of his rival, according to the intelligence, he recognized his mistakes and he’ll sack all or half of his incompetent ministers including former humanitarian worker to reset the record, will increase the quota of Gudabirsitribe’s ministers by appointing them significant ministerial posts including ministry of finance. The good tiding according to Intelligence Indian Ocean Newsletter, Would his massive dismissal exculpate his crime if Somaliland fails miserably? It’s too late to accept re-division of power after Awdal region has completely withdrawn from Somaliland.
On the other hand, the recent scandal of military hardware including long-range missile launchers that can down civil airlines, a replay of the failed attempt of Israeli airline that took off in Kenya and narrowly missed missile fired by terrorists, but from where the missile originated. A question still unanswered. If any civil airliners flying over Somalia’s airspace is downed, president Silanyo and his inner coterie would directly or indirectly responsible.
Indian Ocean Newsletter said earlier that the president has contracted Simple Stroke. I think it caused his mouth to twist further to the right as his photos in the internet show. also it included the recent news item that he wrote the letter asking handover by himself, but, I think, his health care proxies— his wife, Amina Waris, friendly nurse or his left hand, Hirsi assisted by Saed Shire or Bihi wrote his directives and left hanging in sleeve in his front restroom.
President has been snobbish and couldn’t have civil debate with his challenger Abdirahman Irro of Wadani party, aware of his political insecurity and piled diplomatic failures, he couldn’t control his visceral reactions: conspiring to unseat the speaker of Parliament without any shred of legitimacy whatsoever for several times. Been obsessed with him, he has forgotten the overriding issues of the nation neglecting overseas liaison offices by employing “average” folks.
His prats who kept saying, “Keep driving Mr. President” has to disappear, their damage to the nation’s long-termgoals jeopardized and beyondrepair. They caused discord among diverse communities telling their Arabic poetries are harmless like Sheikh Samale. But if the president serious to care about his unfortunate people, he’ll hold “free and fair” elections earlier, not the meaningless municipal elections that rot the democracy, than scheduled to save it if Somaliland could ever be saved.
Somaliland Activist and Political Commentator,