Somaliland: Uproar as Somalia turns back another miraa flight, this Time to Puntland

Miraa traders in Kenya are up in arms after Somalia turned back an aircraft that was delivering 13.6 tonnes of khat to Hargeisa. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Somalilandsun: Miraa traders are up in arms after another plane ferrying 11 tonnes of the produce to Puntland in Somalia was turned back for allegedly violating Covid-19 restrictions.

This is the second plane to be ordered back to Kenya by Mogadishu in a month. One ferrying 13 tonnes was denied entry early July.

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Nyambene Miraa Traders Association Chairman Kimathi Munjuri protested the move, saying the cargo plane had complied with all rules and regulatory frameworks.

Mr Munjuri faulted the Kenyan government for what he termed as ignoring several pleas to engage the Somali government over the miraa trade suspension. continue reading Uproar as Somalia turns back another miraa flight