Somaliland: UoPeople Launches World’s First Tuition-free, Accredited Online MBA


It’s been a long time coming…

Somalilandsun – University of the People is excited to announce that it is has received accreditation for and is launching the world’s most cost effective MBA program!

The MBA program is the latest addition to UoPeople’s current offerings of associate and bachelor’s programs in Business Administration and Computer Science, all accredited by the Distance Education and Accreditation Commission (DEAC).

The university has already started accepting applicants to commence their MBA studies in September 2016. Although there are no tuition or textbook fees, there is a $200 end of course assessment fee (for each of the 12 courses) and students can expect to pay a total of just $2,400 for the entire degree over six terms (15 months). I’m sure you will enjoy the following article, which appeared in The Financial Times.

This is great news for deserving students around the world and a great milestone for the university! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for changing the world with us.

Best regards,

Shai Reshef


University of the People

UoPeople’s Tuition-free, Accredited Online MBA

UoPeople has shown the world that an accredited bachelor’s degree can be accessible, affordable and have the right quality. Now we are determined to show the same can be achieved for an MBA. We realized that for many, a bachelor’s degree is not enough and there is great demand in the job market for candidates with an MBA. The cost of an MBA today is so expensive, that many people who are qualified to achieve it, cannot afford it.

UoPeople was set up to open the gates to higher education and to give an opportunity to those who don’t have it. Launching the world’s most cost-effective MBA was a natural progression for the university, and hopefully, it will pave the way for other universities to follow.

Information about application requirements can be found at: