Somaliland: UNPO Presidency Gathers to Discuss Future of UNPO


 UNPO Presidency Sindh East Turkestan Afrikaners Crimean Tatars Haratin Iranian Kurdistan Khmer Krom Tibet the Vice-President Mohamoud Daar Somaliland and UNPO General Secretary and Treasurer

Somalilandsun – Over the past weekend (6 and 7th of July 2013), members of the Unrepresented Nations and peoples Organization-UNPO Presidency gathered in Brussels for the first presidency meeting of 2013.

In attendance were representatives from Sindh, East Turkestan, Afrikaners, Crimean Tatars, Haratin, Iranian Kurdistan, Khmer Krom, Taiwan), joined by the President Ngawang Choephel (Tibet), the Vice-President Mohamoud Daar (Somaliland) and the General Secretary and Treasurer.

From left UNPO Office Coordinator Brussels Afrikaner representative Haratin rep. East Turkestan rep. President Ngawang Choephel Crimean Tatars rep. Taiwan rep. and Somaliland rep.The UNPO Presidency meets several times every year, providing an essential element of continuity between the full assemblies of UNPO Members, and is mandated to supervise and assist in the implementation of the overall policy of the organization as articulated at the meetings of the General Assembly.

This meeting was the occasion for all of those present to discuss the future of UNPO, considering the possibilities arising for the organization. The agenda of the meeting covered a wide array of issues, including the review of membership of several UNPO Members, membership applications and the organization of the work of the secretariat.

Questions of the organization’s general functioning were discussed, concerning staff, fundraising and the possible changes in strategy needed in light of an ever-changing international world order. Equally important were the presentations by both the President and General Secretary, addressing UNPO’s record of activities over the past 6 months and suggesting possible paths for evolution. The UNPO Treasurer presented the financial report while the program manager elaborated more on the workings of various projects. The past year has seen a large increase in activities by UNPO and the way on how to deal with this expansion was a topic at the meeting.

The meeting resulted in several decisions and recommendations taken by the Presidency. These will be implemented over the next months and years. The next presidency meeting is scheduled to be held before the end of year.

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