Somaliland: “Unless Rescinded We Shall Sue Hargeisa Water Agency over Forced Meter Purchase Order” warns Talosan Law Firm

Somaliland: “Unless Rescinded We Shall Sue Hargeisa Water Agency over Forced Meter Purchase Order” warns Talosan Law Firm

Somalilandsun: A dispute pitting the Hargeisa water agency and city residents is slowly brewing in the Somaliland capital city.
This follows a recent order from the city water supplier that each and every household in Hargeisa must acquire a new water meter worth $50.
According to city lawyers at the Talosan Law Firm & Legal Services this order is an abusive of Powers thus illegal and unless rescinded, legal proceedings shall be instituted.

“This water meters are exclusively available from the Hargeisa Water Agency” read the order statement
Terming the need for new meters one necessitated by the ongoing expansion of the Hargeisa Urban Water supply capacity, the agency coated the new gadgets as very advanced for they come with new features hitherto, available anywhere in Somaliland
With over 100,000 buildings both residential and commercial not to mention the myriad of informal structures the must purchase new meters in 90 days will see Hargeisa residents from all ilk’s life cough and the agency accrue approximately $5m.

Hargeisa water agency wants city residents to cough USD millions by force

To entice further the water agency informed that the $5 cost of installing new plate bearing supply numbers at every household shall be borne by the parastatal.

This order has numerous anomalies first being the fact that it includes even residents from the southern and Eastern parts of the city who are not in the water supply chain.
Secondly residents argue that the installation of new meters is unreasonable to their wallets since they were forced to do the same, purchase, and they did, by the same body two years ago.
But the most contentious issue related to what Talosan Law Firm terms as illegal as pertains to a public body turning into for financial gain functions as part of their constitutionally stipulated mandate.
This was revealed via a statement from the law firm, that was very explicit on the illegality of the Hargeisa water agency’s compulsory water meter purchase order.

Talosan Law Firm on abuse of powers by the Hargeisa water agency

“This action is an abuse of power by the water agency management as read by article 97 of local laws” stated the Talosan lawyers while demanding it (purchase order) be rescinded in lieu of prosecution.
Upon informing citizens that they are ready sue the Hargeisa water agency, the Talosan Law Firm asked all residents wishing to be incorporated as litigants to register at their offices.
“Our services in this lawsuit are a pro bono so no charges shall be incurred whatsoever by any citizen in pursuit of justice”
Those interested can contact Talosan Law Firm through cell phone # 0634414176 and 0634488011 or visit its physical address at 150 Street 26 June, 252 Hargeisa, Maroodi-Jeex region, Somaliland

Hargeisa water agency orders purchase of compulsory water meters

In a Twitter comment on this issue @Somalilandbiz wrote” Somaliland Talosan Law Firm & Legal Services filed a complaint against Hargeisa Water Agency as the lawyers declared Water Authority has transgressed rule of law as government overreach since its government service funded by tax payers and NOT a private company profits seeker”