Somaliland: University of Hargeisa Boss to Brief Diaspora



By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Diaspora Somalilanders are invited to a briefing on prevailing higher education status in the country.

The Somaliland mission cordially invites Somalilanders living in USA, UK, Canada and other countries to a briefing on higher education in Somaliland by Dr Abdi Gass, the vice chancellor of Hargeisa University.

The briefing by Dr Gass that is facilitated by the Somaliland Envoy in the USA Ambassador Rashid Garuuf will be held on Monday 17th October 2012 in Washington DC and accessible to those outside the area via conference calls.

Those living outside Washington DC in the USA, Canada and the UK can participate in the Prof Gass briefing by dialing the following numbers:

1 – USA number +1 559-546-1401 and Key 152200

2 – Canada number +1 559-546-1444 and Key 152200

3 – UK number +44 (0) 7848 432902 and Key 152200

For further details kindly contact

Somaliland Mission

Washington DC

Phone: 703-880-6537