Somaliland: United Somaliland Front-USF, a Governement in Exile Established


Concept Paper: Government​ in Exile, United Somaliland Front U.S.F
Somalilandsun- United Somaliland Front is a new administration/government leadership for Somaliland who support the values established by the Initial Interception of Somaliland Unity on May 18, 1991. Its main objective is to continue the mission of creating unity, partnership, collaboration, humanity, and democracy for all Somalilanders.
United Somaliland Front is a partnership of citizens for political advancement in democracy, justice, and harmony between the Somalilander tribes and states from Awdal to Sool. This partnership is to continue the administration of equity share, educational access, and allocation of resources among Somalilanders across regions.
USF eliminates the concept of Jeegaan Land. It acts as a government in exile but participates in the country as a great civic engagement to eliminate violence among the grieving people of Somaliland Tribes.
United Somaliland Front is the first step to creating a safe political atmosphere in Somaliland and throughout the region, which extends beyond Somaliland to include other areas such as Neighboring State and Countries in Horn Of Africa. Recent events in Somaliland created an urgent need for USF. Many Somali landers realized that the system they created was misused by the Kulmiye Party and Government Tribes of Habar Awal and Habal Jeclo Clan (known as Hagbadland). The two tribes were rotating the system of government, creating a political vacuum in Somaliland.
USF is the antidote to that system, replacing it with a new vision for the Somaliland political and governmental system. Most Somali landers want equal opportunities for education and shared access to resources, but the present government has denied these rights to anyone who is not a member of the two indicated tribes. With the recent misguided so-called election in Somaliland, many people recognize that it is time to bring political action to the country.

United Somaliland Front

The administration and management of the system will be based on an expatriate concept. Each country has its own unique way of engaging, especially in the context of the current political climate. However, each member of USF must engage with local politicians to further advance its cause and concept. Somaliland citizens will engage in the democratic process. They will interact with local tribes and share the values of USF with the people in their cities and states, as well as in areas of Somaliland which are not limited to tribe and region. The international community that invested in the Somaliland democratic process and the human development needs to be aware of the political changes in Somaliland, especially regarding the misguided democracy and the government’s violation of people’s rights to participate in the democratic process.
The international community should become aware of the opportunity for partnership with USF to create peace and safety among Somali landers, as it works to protect this small nation from civil war and other incidents of civil unrest. USF will continue to work with the international community as it establishes Somaliland as a united community with a respectable system of government. The political dialogue will continue with Somalia to ensure a safe and peaceful environment in Somaliland.
The concept paper will outline the process of creating a governmental authority. The expatriates of each country will nominate a chair and secretary for their particular country who will work with the president of the United Somaliland Front. The concept further outlines the financial resources of the administration, which is self-funded and self-governed. Individual and clan contributions will be the initial funding sources for travel and meeting expenses. However, the international community can participate in the process of building peace and security for the people of Somaliland.
USF promotes civic participation and will collaborate with organizations, institutions, and embassies to further establish a safe environment in Somaliland and to serve as a new regional administration whose initial concept started in Burco in 1991. Any participating state or country must keep the recognition of the red, black, and blue USF flag consistent. USF is inviting all other political party members to work with USF.
USF will be the legitimate system created by all people of Somaliland, establishing a shared government, settling political disputes, and managing regional and tribal resources for the states who are USF members.
Martin Mohamed is the Founder and the President of the U.S. African Chamber of Commerce
Martin I Mohamed
United Somaliland Front USF


  1. By publishing this or giving it a platform reduces this website to “Have I Got a News for You” comedy platform. Unfortunately there are some diaspora individuals whom the life in the west has become unbearable and dream about getting rich by joining Somaliland politics. They see it as their wild card and Mustafe Martin is one of them. He was hoping to get a post in Wadani led government so that he could live in luxury in the states but it didn’t turn out that way and he is going nutts!!!