Somaliland: Undermining National Security is Treason, Warns Minister Kore


Somalilandsun-The minister of water resources Mr.Suleiman Ali Koore has sent a stern warning to people planning to infringe on national security. Speaking to the Horn Newspaper the minister stated that the government is ready to listen to everybody with complaint of under representation in government. He was referring to the recent formation of a militia against the government by a renegade commander of the Somaliland army called Aare. “Since 1991 the country has experienced 27 years of independence and peace.  Five presidents have been in power from the day Somaliland ceded from Somalia. The country has held presidential, parliamentary and council elections in that duration and has established democratic institutions that have stood the taste of time.

He called on Somaliland citizen wherever they may be to be wary of some people trying to destabilize the security of the country. Minister Suleiman urges the citizens to support their government and inform the security forces of any plot against their motherland.

He was speaking during a public function held in Burao town, whereby he mentioned the renegade military commander who is hiding in Qardo, Puntland. He went on to say that SNM fought to liberate Somaliland from the treacherous dictatorship of Chale Siad.

By: Hornnewspaper