Somaliland Under Invasion as President Gas of Puntland visits Badhan


Somalilandsun- Badhan district in Sanaag Region of Somaliland has benefitted from a number of Development projects initiated by Puntland.
To personally unveil the community projects was the president of the Somalia administrative region of Puntland Abdiweli Gas.
Escorted by members of his Garowe based cabinet, parliamentarians, traditional and religious leaders , President Gas entered the Somaliland eastern town of Badhan triumphantly upon warm reception by residents who received the Gas team almost six kilometers from the town.
Waving Puntland, Somalia and Somaliland flags residents of Badhan escorted the President Gas delegation to the offices of the town’s local council

Badhan traditional leaders welcome President Gas of Puntland to their town

Upon inspection the offices President Abdiweli Gas immediately issued a presidential decree disbanding the local government for alleged ineptitude.
In his decree Lr. 105 August 19, 2018, Gas wrote
“Following advice from the ministry interior, local government and rural Development
And having ascertained that the residents of Badhan are not receiving relevant public services as per their rights
I hereby disband the Badhan local council for having failed in its mandate
This decree takes effect upon my signature which is herein affixed.
The firing of the entire Badhan local council comes in the heels of recent and similar acts by president Gaas that saw him disperse the Bosaso, Garowe and Qandala Local governments

President Abdiweli Gas of Puntland disbands the Badhan local council

After wrecking havoc at the local council, the heavily guarded president of Puntland went on to lay foundation stone of the second phase Badhan-Erigavo road whose phase 1 connecting Badhan to Bosaso is already complete
The road which shall ultimately link the Puntland port town of Bosaso with Erigavo the Capital of the Somaliland region of Sanaag is entirely funded by the government of the Somalia administrative region of Puntland.
To crown his invasion of Somaliland territory the Puntland delegation went on to the Makhir University where they witnessed President Abdiweli Gas Official cur the ribbon thence open the gates to the biggest institution of higher learning to be commissioned since the collapse of the Siyad Barre government almost three decades ago.
Prior to visiting Badhan the Puntland delegation and their top honcho passed through Qardho town where the Somalia administrative regional administration is hosting Colonel Aarre , a rebel Somaliland army officer and a large number of his troops.
Badhan is a district in the Somaliland eastern region of Sanaag thence the visit of President Gas without permission or knowledge of the authorities in Hargeisa is being considered as an invasion

Resident of Badhan town welcome President Abdiweli Gas of Puntland

While it is indisputable that Badhan is a territory under the jurisdiction of Somaliland, the Puntland authorities whose regional administrative constitution dictates jurisdiction over all Harti clans.
The Harti clan is composed of the Puntland predominated by the Majeertenia , the East Sanaag of Somaliland predominating Warsengeli and the Somaliland Sool Region Dhulbahante Clans.
This pursuit of a clan agenda has been the bane of authorities in Somaliland which has been embroiled in numerous deadly armed skirmishes with Puntland over invasions like the just concluded one in Badhan.

While Somaliland designates Badhan as a district in its Sanaag Region , the clan authorites in Garowe consider it as a district in the mythical Region of Haylan which also includes allegedly the entire Sool region
This is the second time for Abdiweli Gas to visit Badhan seemingly without worry over any deterrence from the Somaliland government


Makhir University in Somaliland and funded by Puntland Somalia
Makhir University of Somaliland funded by Puntland Somalia
Makhir University Somaliland funded by Somalia administrative region of Puntland

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