Somaliland: Unconditional Release for Duo of Opposition Wadani Party Officials


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By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- The duo of Wadani Party officials imprisoned in Hargeisa has been released unconditionally.
The duo namely the Opposition party’s youth leader and his secretary messrs Mohamed Siddiq Dhamme and sports secretary Yonis Ahmed Yonis are now free after news of their release were announced by their party’s Justce chief Barkhad Jama Hirsi
Following their much publicized arrest and subsequent arraignment at the Maroodi-jeeh regional court in Hargeisa where Yonis Ahmed was found guilty and sentenced to one year imprisonment while his colleague was released.
The administration seemingly displeased with the regional court’s verdict of not guilty thence release of Mr Dhamme, appealed the decision thence rearrest.

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