Somaliland: UN Owes the Nation an Apology while Kay Must Explain Falsity


EDITORIAL- Yes, when one has to save one’s skin from sure death, a lie is worthwhile-goes an African adage.

UN Security Council

Somalilandsun – When Nicolas Kay, a supposedly esteemed personality once charged with the whole of African affairs, lies cheaply through his teeth, what abyss hole was he saving himself from; not to fall into?

Going against another African saying, he did not state a lie that was nearer a truth!

Nicolas Kay claimed that the Somaliland government has been locking up and banning personalities (like) none other than the speaker of the parliament himself from travelling!

When was Hon. Abdirahman Irro ever locked up in jail or in a cell?

When, again, was he ever denied to fly out of the country?

The question is, just why did Kay dare claim such preposterous claims? What was his aim?

To make the matters worse, the platform he used was a dais whose audience were the UN assembly.

Of course, he knew leaders or reps from Java to Vancouver or Capetown to Godthab wouldn’t care to counter-check the “facts” churned out by the supposedly, again, competent, able, trustworthy and eminent or esteemed international civil servant!

His words were, of course, “top rated” report of a real professional to be swallowed hook and line!

Now then, the ‘whys’ notwithstanding, Somalilanders do not only need a public (international) apology, but we also need an explanation as to why he committed the “error”.

We believe it may have been beyond doubt that the so called erring of Kay was indeed a pre-planned fabrication for he was in a position to know facts before he compiled his report.

Of course the re-aligned and restructured UNPOS mandate that UNSOM operates in now is one that Somaliland has out-rightly rejected’.

This is because, again, it out-rightly undermines and contradicts the essence, being and facts of our nationhood, territorial integrity, independence and rights of aspiration to prosper in every sense of the word.

What Kay has done reminds as of the almost decade-old BBC biased and confrontational veiled agendas against Somaliland while under Yusuf Garad.

Good riddance had it that for the past few years though, when the BBC reorganized itself and “re-centralized” its power.

Similarly, before Ambassador Shin had his newly found wisdom blot his prior thoughts, he advised on giving each “adult Somali” wherever they were a small portable radio hence through indoctrinations they would thus be overwhelmed -read herded.

Again, thanks to goodness, he has changed.

However, the proxy wars against SL which is now unconventionally fought through propaganda weapons is evident in the VOA and now, blatantly by none other than Ban Ki Moon’s point man in the region.

While assured that they would follow the Shin/ BBC’s cue in the long run because our spirits will never be diminished, we humbly ask our government to strongly stand by us and demand nothing but full public international apology.

This is not the height of irresponsibility, but much worse.

Kay’s report is tantamount to stirring violent troubling emotions in the country sides.

In any sense, we are envisioning his new re-drawn map to cut us out. We will settle for nothing less; definitely not his 18 regions fantasy.